Advantages of writing a diary

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advantages of writing a diary

Benefits, you'll Get From keeping a journal

Android, ios, windows Phone7, blackberry and desktop apps for Windows and mac. So that makes evernote a full fetured app for writing personal notes and storing it in the cloud. Evernote is recommended if you want simple text notes and do not want your online journal to be a website, although private or password proteted. M The simplest way to Create a personal Online diary If you do not want to use a blog or a desktop application for writing your private online journal, try. Ohlife is the simplest way to setup an online jurnal and you dont need to create a website or use any application. Once you have registered for an Ohlife account, Ohlife will send you daily email messages, reminding you to write something for that day.

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One use case i can think is create a new category named journal or diary and password protect all posts of that category. Whenever you write your daily diary posts, make the post visibility private or password protected and you are good. Similar to tumblr, m has mobile apps for. Android and ios so you can maintain your private online diary from anywhere, without necessarily requiring an internet connection. Evernote, use evernote to Write a private Online diary. Evernote is one of the best note taking applications out there, it is certainly one of the best ways to create private notes online and store them in notebook format. If you already use evernote for managing tasks, writing projects or maintain a daily to-do list, why not use it to write a daily personal diary which can act as a journal? The biggest advantage with evernote is that your personal journal is not a website, you dont have to maintain anything and neither you have to worry sonnet whether anyone can access it or not. Just create a new notebook, name it personal diary and start writing text, photo, audio or video notes. Pretty handy if you are a power evernote user and already addicted. Similar to tumblr and m, evernote has mobile apps for.

Tumblrs mobile app has support for offline blogging so i can write and maintain the journal offline and post all the entries when I get access to wi-fi or 3G connection. M, i am not a very big fan of m sites, i prefer using the self hosted WordPress cms to power this blog and other websites i own. However, if you want to create a private journal with WordPress, m is the best bet. Its free, very secured, has good support for themes. Pick a minimalist theme for WordPress and start writing a completely private or password protected online journal in minutes. Unlike tumblr, m does not allow you to password protect the whole website, so you have to be careful with the post visibility settings, each time you post a new entry. The advantage of m is that short you can post public and private entries in the same website; so you do not have to create a different blog altogether.

advantages of writing a diary

Iain Dale 's, diary

Tumblr is the easiest way to start a blog, password protect it and use it as your online journal. You do not have to worry about the software, maintainence and anything just pick a tumblr theme you like and start writing daily entries on your Tumblr blog. Tumblr is a very minimalist platform without much bells andn whistles, so it is perfectly suited for non techies who have no idea how to setup a website. Once you create a tumlr blog and use it as your daily journal, remember to protect it with a password. Once your Tumblr blog is proteted with a password, only you can read the entries and it is hidden from rest of the world. There are two reasons why i prefer Tumblr for creating an online journal. First, tumblr is free and easy to setup. Second, tumblr has mobile apps for. Android and ios so i can write daily diary entries, upload photos and videos from my mobile.

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advantages of writing a diary

12 Advantages and Disadvantages

Secured : The journal should be secured, you dont want to lose it at any cost. Its priceless to read your life events, 20 years down the line. Private : The journal should be completely private and noone in this earth should have access to it, except you. Your private journal should be just like your Gmail account, for example. Easy to use about : The last thing you want is state overly complex mechanism to do a simple thing write. You want to write a few lines everyday and it should be amazingly simple and easy to use. You dont want to carry a briefcase with 3 different numeric locks protecting your journal from theft or unauthorized access.

That defeats the original purpose of keeping things simple and spontaneous. For the aforesaid reasons, i prefer keeping an online journal rather than writing the everyday journal on a notebook or paper. A paper journal, although very simple and minimalist, is less secured, can be read by anyone if he manages to know an access method you are not aware of and is not universal. For example, you cannot use photos and videos in your paper journal. Use Blogging Platforms to setup a private Online journal and Password Protect. If you have always wanted to setup a private online journal, here are some tools, websites and applications worth taking a look: Tumblr, tumblr is turning out to be the go to place for microbloggers these days.

However, it is a good practice to write something everyday. Pour your heart on a personal diary, write about your life, write about your achievements, goals, failures it greatly helps in removing stress, clearing up your mind and documenting important life events. Org has a very informative article on why you should write something everyday. Online journals can be of many types. For example, you can write a personal journal documenting all important and not to important life events or decide to write 10 lines about each day of your life.

On the other hand, you can have a work journal, where you might choose to document your work or career related activities. Fitness enthusiasts, sometimes keep a fitness and health journal while sportsmen write a sports journal where they document their games, exercise routines and so forth. If you have a pet dog or cat, it might be a good idea to write something about your cat and dog everyday, take photos and store it in your private, password protected online journal. Things to note before you start writing a daily online journal. Before you start, here are some things you might want to check. Accessibility, the journal should be accessible to you everyday. No matter where you are, what you are doing, you should be able to write a few lines at the end of each day.

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What is an online journal and why you should have one? A personal online journal, which is sometimes referred as an eleftronic journal or ejournal is a way to document your life on the web ensuring that only you can read your notes, see your photos and the personal things you write on your journal everyday. A private online journal is the equivalent of your personal diary, where you scribe and write personal notes everyday. Everyday, means every single day of your life. The reality is that not many people have a journal, be it offline or online. There can be varied reasons for not writing a personal journal, some of them being the risks involved, security, privacy, fear of embarassment, time, devotion, regularity, the drive. Most people i outsiders have spoken to dont think writing a journal is useful in any way, some think of it as a cool idea but are too lazy to keep a private journal.

advantages of writing a diary

With electronic diaries that are online, you can integrate your text with a plethora of online multimedia content, the including pictures, animations and even advertisements. Cross-Referencing, electronic diaries can be cross-referenced. If you write an entry about Christmas, for instance, and then later you write an entry about holidays in general, you can link the second article back to your original article. You can also link to outside sources like articles and encyclopedia entries. Easy Changes, adjusting a typical diary requires scrubbing with an eraser - assuming you used a pencil - and then carefully writing a new entry. It's a tedious and time-consuming process. With an electronic diary, you need only select the text you want to delete, hit the delete button, and then type a new entry.

an electronic diary can be updated from anywhere and at anytime, so long as you have access to the Internet, whether it's through a desktop, a laptop. Permanent Backups, everything written on an electronic diary can be backed up so that you don't have to worry about losing your valuable entries. You can make a copy of your entries and store them on your hard drive, or you can e-mail the entries to yourself or store them on a flash drive. Limited Access Controls, a diary is designed to be viewed be just one person: you. An electronic diary, on the other hand, can be shared with as many people as you would like. You can limit access to just yourself, you can allow your friends and family access or you can make your diary available to the general public. Inserting pictures into a traditional print diary can be very frustrating. You must either draw it by hand or cut it out from a magazine or other source and attach it to the page.

Of course, i think diary style approaches can be very useful for twists by relying on either an unreliable narrator (omitting things - particularly about the narrator's own actions, exaggerating, lying, etc) or deceiving the audience about the nature or purpose of the diary. I'm going to give it a shot, but I'm worried about two scenes of intense ideological opposition, and think i ought to research how other writers resume have solved this problem in their own works. I recall reading a few books where authors changed modes a bit and had the narrator say something like "What happened next happened very quickly, but I will do my best to describe it to you as it happened". Diaries, or journals, are written entries that track a person's thoughts and experiences. For many years, people have used pen and paper to keep a diary. With the advent of the Internet, however, came a new way to prepare a diary. You can now write and publish your thoughts in an electronic diary.

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I'm a novice looking at the same thing for my first shot at a novel. Journal / diary style seems very good for my personal voice and particularly for a story i wish to tell about scientific exploration and adventure. It also allows you to highlight emotions, feelings, reflections, etc. At different points of the story (assuming you have the in-story author writing an entry at a time instead of a lump-sum document at the end of the story). The disadvantages can be tricky, i feel: yes, the blow-by-blow can be hard to convey, but perhaps more than that, the dramatic tension of interpersonal conflict lab is much harder to achieve without live dialog between two characters in conflict. Imagine trying to tell the finale of Star Wars Episode iii: revenge of the sith where Anakin and Obi wan are locked in conflict as an after-the-fact diary. Maybe you can do it, but you're going to suck the emotion and tension out of the scene, not just because it's not live, but because we know that the writer is writing it after the fact and therefore must have survived.

advantages of writing a diary
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  2. For some, it is the way to nurture their creativity wherein writing sparks new ideas. The scholar li ao in the 9th Century ad kept a diary of his. The advantage of m is that you can post., writing projects or maintain a daily to-do list, why not use it to write a daily personal diary.

  3. Nevertheless, one of the main obstacles that people face when they want to start a diary. How to Write in the format of.5 diary (open book) Writing Frame. By rosieFrancesca diary (open book) Writing Frame.

  4. A diary is a record (originally in handwritten format) with discrete entries arranged by date reporting. Write down the advantages of diary in writing. There are many advantages of keeping a diary.

  5. Cool ways for teen Girls. Write in a, diary. What are some disadvantages of writing fiction in a diary format? But if you write, "Amy thought that Bob was having an affair with Sally that pretty.

  6. The main advantage of writing a diary in English is that it helps you to improve your English grammar tremendously. Focus on the main events that happen to your main character that he will be writing about in his diary, and write them. "How to, write a, diary, story". There are several advantages of keeping an electronic diary, including privacy and security issues as well.

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