My best holiday essay

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my best holiday essay

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The bride and the groom took their seats while we waited everyones arrival. There still was half an hour till the ceremony, so i decided to pay a visit to the kitchen where i saw the cooks who were nervous because their job was not over until everyone had eaten. The bride and groom were taking to the stage where they were united and the ceremony began, there was complete silence in the hall, something I had not heard for a long time. The imam read the sermon and it was announced how much dowry my uncle was paying in tribute to my aunt. The ceremony came to an end and all the movement and noise restarted. The first group guests were taken to their dining tables and were ready to start eating.

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The light was not a problem because we had rechargeable lights, but you could not sit in the light because of the mosquitoes. I rose early in the morning refreshed and re-energized ready for the big day ahead. From where i was sleeping I could smell the fragrance of the tea that was brewing on the kitchen stove and hear the voices of the maids preparing breakfast. The bride and the groom were ready to jennifers go and the limousine arrived on time. My uncle and my new aunt were taken to the car in the traditional way. Flowers were thrown on top of them and the bride is made to walk slowly so everyone gets a chance to embrace her. Bengali weddings are very different from English weddings there is a lot of tradition and culture involved. Gates had to be made out of thousands of roses and palm leaves and were put up at the entrances and exits of the house, which they believed bought them good luck. I wanted to sit in the limousine as well because i determined it would be a more comfortable ride, so i convinced one of my cousins to sit in the limousine with. It big was slightly better but it did not make that much difference, the road surface was still bad. It was dark and the air was warm and gentle, it was perfect weather.

Most obviously, catering for four thousand people was not an easy thing. After two days of complete chaos and pandemonium, there were a signs of relief and completion. The original plan was designed so the that the family did not have to do anything, but it was a little different from that. I was tired but excited, all of my cousins stayed over and we all slept in the same bedroom. We did not get to sleep till very late because none of us would stop talking. Finally i drifted off with the cool wind blowing in my face from the fan above. In Bangladesh the electricity would go off every so often, all the fans would then go off and it would be boiling hot.

my best holiday essay

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To finish off the night about fifteen of us got together and played hide and seek teresa outside, where there was very little light which made it creepy and at the same time exciting. Now there were only two days left till the wedding. Vast plans had been made and in order to meet the targets in time a lot of preparation was needed. The plans looked more like a military operation than a wedding plan. There were many groups assigned to many different tasks: decorating the hall; table setting; decorating the interior and exterior of the house using Christmas lights; transport for the bride, groom and close family. Arrangements for cooks, hall staff, waiters and security had already been made. My uncle had invited four thousand guests to the wedding, which I did not think was a wise thing to do because even though we had the work force it took a lot of management, understanding and engineering.

All of my cousins and relatives were to attend this wedding and were due to arrive in the next two days. Most of my cousins lived in nearby towns except some who lived in America and England. The next day, early in the morning, my cousins arrived from America. They both were identical twins named Ahmed and Shakeel. They were same age as me, fifteen years old. They had jet-black hair, twinkling brown eyes and a mischievous look. I was shy at first, but that was not the personality they shared; they were talkative and active. They became good friends with me in the matter of a short time. The rest of my cousins and relatives arrived and there were so many people to meet.

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my best holiday essay

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I turned to my mum and Dad and said, "That was the best holiday i ever had".read more. The above preview is unformatted paragraph text. The drive from the airport to our house was very bumpy and uncomfortable, because the road surfaces were very broken down and uneven, with big rocks and bricks sticking out of the ground. Occasionally there would be ditches in the ground, which would make the car jump and land on its useless suspension. Every time the car would jump off the ground, i would hold my self off my seat until it landed, which felt a bit better. The journey was long and tiresome. The driver and my uncle though it was quite normal and did not seem to realize how uncomfortable it was.

My uncle owned the national water company, so he was quite wealthy and had built a mansion in place of the old house, which my late granddad had built. The mansion was very extravagant and royal looking; it consisted of twenty-three rooms; three gardens; a playing field and a lake, which was quite adequate to cater for the wedding. I chose the bedroom closest to the dining room because it was the centre of action and always looked exciting. In our house my grandmother, three of my aunts and my uncle all lived together. My dad had a remarkable eight brothers and eight sisters, from which sixty-three cousins derived.

We spent the whole day there, it was a whole day trip because.00pm there is a magnificent electronic nighttime parade, which was so picturesque and more. When we got back to the hotel my brother and I went to the pool again to amuse ourselves. We didn't get to bed that night until about.30am because my mum and Dad's friends didn't leave until really late. The next day the weather was glorious and my dad had a special surprise for. He hired Jet ski's for the day and it was excellent.

The water was really warm, clear and the sun glistened all day. That was the best day of my holiday but I got badly sunburned. The next day was our last. One last swim in the pool and this left my mum and Dad some time to pack the bags, then we were back on the road again, this time our homeward journey to the airport. I fell asleep on the plane and only awoke when we had nearly arrived back in Belfast. I stepped out of the plane and the breeze took my breath away, it was so cold!

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When we got to degenerative the for airport we left our luggage with the airport staff to put it on to the more. After the Studios we headed off to the beltz Shopping complex. When we arrived it was massive. People rushing everywhere, the air-conditioning helped, but when you went from one mall to the other, the heat outside was very hot. My mum and Dad had to tell me to stop buying so much because we had another 10 days left and my money was 'burning a hole in my pocket'! Already my arms were full of bags with clothes, shoes etc, so i had to stop. The next day we lazed around the pool, trying to get a tan, but Mum being Mum splashed loads of cream on my back, it was freezing! The next day we visited Disney world. It was wonderful, more than you could imagine, all the famous stars were walking around the park, such as Donald Duck, goofy and the best.

my best holiday essay

My, best, holiday, essay. Extracts from this document. 'The best holiday i ever had' The best holiday i ever had was when I went to paper Florida with my family. When my dad told me i was very excited because it was going to be my first time in the 'sun shine state of America'. I asked my dad when where we going and he said 'we are going on the 26th july and coming home on the9th August' but the bad thing was I had to wait two months. Time flew by and the next thing i knew I was packing my suitcase, i packed in lots of t-shirts and shorts. My mum packed in lots of bottles of sun cream because she is the one who goes on and on saying 'be careful in the sun'. After all the bags were packed into the boot we all were on our way to fourteen days of sunshine.

on earth. This highway has 600-plus turns, 50 one-lane bridges and breathtaking views that alternate between mountain streams and soaring sea cliffs, the hana highway is less a roadway than an event in itself. Our journey ended on 18 th of may. On our way back we traveled by plane again. During the trip I thought, 'those days were amazing and unforgettable, i wished if I had more days to spend over there'. My holiday was exciting and full of joy. I enjoyed it immensely. I am looking forward to going there again soon.

I was totally lost in the scenic views that I forgot to blink my eyes. We stayed in the 5-star hotel in front of the beach. Next day we hired a helicopter for analysis a trip to see volcano. It was simply amazing. We stayed in The big Island for 4 days, and then we went to the island of maui for 4 days. We did so many activities which included Jet ski, scuba diving, parasailing etc. We also watched the sunrise of Kalekala's summit, it was very romantic.

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Everybody loves holidays because during our holidays we can relax and have fun. We get enough time to travel, play our favorite sports and practice our hobbies. Below I will tell you about my last holiday. I had always dreamed about going to hawaii. It was the evening of April when my husband called me from his work and told me that we are going to hawaii for one week in our holidays next month. I couldn't believe my ears what I just heard. I asked him outsiders again if he is not making it up, but he said he already purchased tickets online and made plans. On 10 th may we departed Maryland and headed towards our first destination, The big Island of Hawaii. As soon as we reached there after a long journey, i was stunned by the beautiful scenic views that i only saw in pictures.

my best holiday essay
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  4. My best Holiday, celebration. The best holiday, i ever had The best holiday, i ever had was when I went to Florida with my family. My best vacation essay. The best Holiday - original Writing On the 17th of may 2003 I departed for Bangladesh.

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  7. Essay about holiday, i´m going to tell you about the best holiday ive ever had. My best holiday was a trip to singapore two years ago. I was with my, uncle.

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