My favourite leader mahatma gandhi essay in marathi

473 words essay on, my, favorite, leader, mahatma, gandhi

my favourite leader mahatma gandhi essay in marathi

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Earlier the same year his father had also died and Gandhi was struck hard by both of these events. Despite all the hardship, he and his wife eventually had four more children (Mahatma gandhi, 2004). Life as a barrister, in 1888, gandhi proceeded to london to study law at the University college london. Before leaving for London, he promised his mother that he would remain vegetarian and follow the principles of jainism. When he went to london, he took creative ways to uphold this promise, for example by joining a vegetarian Society (Rosenberg, 2002). In 1891 he got his degree and returned to India only to find that his mother had died. This news had been withheld from him in order to protect Gandhi from pain.

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They were the stories of use Indian kings Harishchandra and Shravana, who were thought to be the most noble and truthful. These moral philosophies through children stories became deeply love engrained in Gandhis mind from early life. He mentioned an incident regarding his early childhood in his biography. When he was thirteen years old, he stole gold from his brother. He was feeling so much guilt that he decided to confess it to his father. He did not have the courage to speak in front of his father, hence he wrote a note confessing what he had done and asking for adequate punishment. His father, though initially furious, forgave him in the end (Mahatma gandhi, 2004). From the early childhood Gandhi learnt an important lesson regarding honesty with oneself and others. In may 1883, gandhi got married at the age of 13 to 14-year old Kasturba makhanji. Child marriages were the custom in India at the time, and Gandhi admitted, "we knew nothing of marriage, we just knew that we were getting sweets and new clothes." The first year of marriage they spent apart with their families as tradition. Later, they gave birth to their first child, which died shortly after birth.

We have heard stories of courage, determination and perseverance displayed by this man, but little do we know of the humble points background he grew. In this essay we will explore in-depth his personal life, his law degree in London, his struggles in south Africa for equal rights, then his triumphant return to India and fight for the independence from Britain. Finally, it is important to emphasize the influence that Gandhi has on the world today and will continue to have for generations to come. Early years and Humble beginnings, mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on 2nd October, 1869, in the village of Porbandar, in the state of Gujarat in India to karamchand Gandhi and Puthlibai. His mother was his father's fourth wife, the first three having died during childbirth. They lived a humble life in a small village but aspirations inside gandhi began here. Gandhi's quest for truth began quite early in life, which was inspired by stories his mother used to narrate to him.

my favourite leader mahatma gandhi essay in marathi

Essay on my favourite leader mahatma gandhi

General interests: taking a walk on a beach watching the sunset. Favourite music: Handel and empire Tchaikovsky un honour: In 2009, the un general Assembly declared his birthday on July 18 as "Mandela day" as a mark of his contribution to world freedom. Awards: he has been honoured with more than 250 brief awards, more than anyone else in the world! Two of these are from the govt. Of India: the 1979 Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding and Bharat Ratna, india's highest civilian award, in October 1990. Autobiography: Long Walk to Freedom, published in 1994. Introduction "A man is but a product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes." These words are only few of the many spoken by this great man that have inspired many people over decades.

Mandela's humility is also well-known. He never regarded himself as some kind of superhero, as clarified in his statement "I was not a messiah, but an ordinary man who had become a leader because of extraordinary circumstances.". Indeed, nelson Mandela was a man who let extraordinary circumstances propel him towards fighting a much-hated apartheid policy, not letting long years in prison break his spirit. On the contrary, it strengthened him to stand up for what he believed was right. He followed his own advice: "What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead". Nelson Mandela did make a difference to the lives of those who lived in the rainbow nation that is why he will always be a hero. Quick facts, date of birth: 18th July 1918. Personal Life: First married to evelyn Ntoko mase for 13 years; second marriage to winnie madikizela; third marriage to Graca machel at age.

Essay, on, mahatma, gandhi, in English

my favourite leader mahatma gandhi essay in marathi

My, favourite, leader, essay, in, english

Nobody was surprised when Nelson Mandela received the 1993 Nobel peace Prize along with. Four years after stepping over the threshold of his prison with a raised clenched fist and the words "As I essay walked out the door toward the gate that would lead to my freedom, i knew if I didn't leave my bitterness and hatred behind, i'd. nelson Mandela was elected as the first black president of south Africa on may 10th 1994 following the nation's first democratic multiracial polls. During his five year term, nelson Mandela did a good deal to change the mindset of people used to an apartheid regime. From the simple gestures of shaking hands inviting people for meals irrespective of whether they were white or black, he strived to bring down the barriers of race.

He was equally vociferous in re-establishing broken environment international ties getting other countries to invest in his nation. Outside of his Presidential role, he campaigned for aids victims and set up the nelson Mandela Children's Fund to help children improve the quality of their lives. Conclusion, as mentioned at the beginning, not only is Nelson Mandela considered a hero for leading the nation out of the apartheid regime, but also because he never once spoke of taking revenge against his oppressors. In his own famous words "If there are dreams about a beautiful south Africa, there are also roads that lead to their goal. Two of these roads could be named goodness and Forgiveness.".

The final straw was the massacre of over 60 blacks by police in 1960. Up to that point of time, nelson Mandela had gone the path of Gandhiji's non-violent movement, speaking of peaceful opposition to the white rule. Following the massacre, he decided to take up stronger opposition to the apartheid regime. Arrested for his activism, at his trial Nelson Mandela was given life imprisonment at Robben Island, where political prisoners shared the same roof as thieves the insane. Like others, hard labour was assigned to nelson Mandela he spent a large part of his prison life breaking rocks in a limestone quarry.

Although interned, he continued to strategically plan anc protests, using innovative ways (such as code words on a matchbox) to get messages out to his supporters. Freedom, nelson Mandela was to find. De klerk as a benefactor who, on taking oath as President of south Africa in 1989, lifted the ban on the anc granted pardon to nelson Mandela. On his release, mandela said "I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve. But if needs be, it is an ideal for which i am prepared to die.". Once mandela was released, the anc agreed gave up their violent resistance. A constitution was drawn up to provide political rights to blacks in 1992 school segregation of white black students was dissolved. By year-end, apartheid was a distant blip on the horizon.

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Trials tribulations, the consequences of standing up against the national Party were inevitable. First off there was a long-drawn out trial with Nelson Mandela in the dock with hundreds of other activists, facing the charge of high treason. It came to naught, as the charges were dropped. Then followed an even greater anti-apartheid movement, when laws were imposed to arbitrarily decide the place of residence work of black people. Six years after Nelson Mandela became a member of the anc, resumes the group was outlawed and he went into hiding. During this time, he got the nickname. Black pimpernel due to the disguises he wore to evade arrest, much like the Scarlet Pimpernel, the English Baron in an English novel who became masterful at slogan disguising himself to rescue those sentenced to death by the guillotine during the French revolution.

my favourite leader mahatma gandhi essay in marathi

Long Walk to Freedom, the sport over-rode all thoughts about whether the opponent's social status or colour put one's focus on gauging his strengths weaknesses. Political seeds, nelson Mandela's life was soon to change drastically. He had decided to pursue a world law degree at the witswaterand University. It was here that the first roots of political interest were sown, on seeing the way people from non-white backgrounds were subjected to discrimination and racism. He plunged into the political minefield by enrolling as a member of the African National Congress (ANC) soon became a co-founder of the anc youth league. On acquiring the qualification to practice law in 1952, nelson Mandela started his own law practice in partnership with Oliver Tambo in Johannesburg. It was these two partners who started an earnest campaign against apartheid, the discrimination of the black by the national Party ruled by whites.

by one of his teachers. On his father's demise, at age 9 Nelson was taken under the wings of the Thembu Chief Jongintaba dalindyebo. Mandela enrolled for. Degree at the University college, fort Hare completed it later by correspondence at the University of south Africa, his college studies being interrupted due to being expelled for participating in a student strike. During his 20s, nelson Mandela went to johannesburg took up a job as guard at a gold mine. It was in this city that he continued with the sport he had taken up during his school years, namely boxing. In this sport he developed a keen interest due to its egalitarian nature. As he was to mention later in his autobiography.

One man did, for engelsk over two score years 27 years to be precise. Yet, at the end of this long term in solitary confinement, he expressed no bitterness and did not speak a word of revenge against those who confined him to that life. That is why, and not just for what he stood up against, that man is doubly revered and respected. The man is, as everybody knows, none other than Nelson Mandela. Read on to know how an ordinary man became. Madiba, a much revered respected leader not just of an entire nation but also of the world. ByNelson20Mandela, early life, a native of mveso, umtata (capital of Transkei) in Cape Province, nelson Mandela was born with the name rolihlahla dalibhunga. Rolihlahla in the local language colloquially means 'troublemaker'. Little did his parents realize at that time the manner in which their son would become a troublemaker!

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Posted Date: Updated: 05-Jul-2013 Category: General, author: Vandana, member level: Platinum, points: 45, this article gives an insight into the life and times of the Nelson Mandela, an extraordinary leader of south Africa. This brief biographical essay includes some of the best Nelson Mandela"s while giving you details of his early life and education. You will also get brief details about Mandela's life in prison and his term as President. At the end of the article are quick interesting facts trivia about Nelson Mandela. Introduction, in prison, you come face to face with time. There is nothing more terrifying" by nelson Mandela, imagine yourself in an enclosed cell in complete solitude, cut off from the rest of the world. Imagine not being able to attend the funeral of a close family member. Imagine being allowed only 1 visitor every 6 months only. Actually, you just can't imagine what it is like because you are unlikely to go through such a sordid experience.

my favourite leader mahatma gandhi essay in marathi
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Mahatma, gandhi : Gandhi campaigned to improve the lives of the untouchables, whom he called Harijans (children of God). This article gives an insight into the life and times of Nelson Mandela, an extraordinary leader of south Africa. This brief biographical essay includes some of the best Nelson Mandela"s while giving you details of his early life and education.

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