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really great resumes

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Click here for a more detailed look at the process and how we work with our clients. Welcome to resumes for Results, a leader in professional resume development for job seekers. We provides and specialize in professional resume writing service, cvs, cover letter development, interview coaching, career coaching and job search advice across Australia, including Sydney, melbourne, brisbane, perth, Adelaide, darwin, townsville, toowoomba, rockhampton, sunshine coast, newcastle, central coast, wollongong and Gippsland. Our professional experts bring years of experience to the table, with a full range of career services available, resumes for Results are here to assist you to you succeed. Creating a professional resume is absolutely essential in todays tough job market. You need to stand out above the crowd by letting your skills and experience shine.

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If you sign up online before 5:00. Et your writer will call you the same day to set up your consultation. If your order is received after 5:00. Our will writer will call you the next morning. More faqs, our Expert team, great Resumes Fast has certified resume writers and personal branding experts who can help you develop your personal brand and make you stand out in the crowd. Latest News, great Resumes Fast Blog: Where you'll find hope, inspiration and encouragement for your job search. We partner with you through a proven process to provide personalised branding and marketing documents that set you apart from your competition. No matter what the service, whether it group be our professional resume writing services, a new LinkedIn profile, interview coaching, or an entire career change, were here with you every step of the way. So how does it work? For our resume services, linkedIn profile writing service or cover letter writing service, there are three main steps.

Once your order is placed you are given the opportunity to upload a resume or position announcement (if you have one). If you don't have one, that's OK; we don't need british it to get started. After we receive your order i assign your writer, and he or she will call you to set up a time to conduct your consultation. What Is your Turnaround Time? You will have your resume in hand for review within 3-5 business days from the time you complete your consultation with our writer. We also offer a priority service for clients up against a tight deadline that guarantees your resume back for review within 48 hours of your consult. When Can i expect to hear From my writer?

really great resumes

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60-day interview guarantee, we promise your resume will get interviews within 60 days or we'll rewrite it absolutely free. Bbb accredited, featured In, frequently Asked questions. How does the Process Work? Once you've signed up to empire work with us, your resume writer will call you to schedule your 60-minute resume branding and strategy call. We offer a comprehensive and personalized service. For a complete look at how our process works please visit: How Our Resume Writing Process Works. I'm ready to get Started. How do i proceed? All you need to do to get started is place your order about online for the services you need.

The service i have received from eve my writer from day one was excellent and our first draft consisted of changing about a dozen words - no more! Richard Holloway, senior Executive, as a consultant who provides a rather unique service, i struggled with how best to present myself and my business to prospective clients. To me, what Great Resumes Fast accomplished in such a quick turn-around time is nothing short of miraculous. Ive now sent my resume to four places and all four have called me three within 1 day, and the fourth now today (3rd business day after I sent it). Brenda sonnek, chief Operations Officer, i am continually amazed at the positive responses I receive from recruiters and hiring managers. John Branning, success Rate. I calculate the success of the resumes we create based on how many clients secure interviews within 60 days or less.

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really great resumes

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And recruiting friends of mine? You better be preaching the same. Jason Pankow, jason Pankow realized long ago that he wasnt smart enough to actually program video games and game consoles. So, he found another way to participate! In between bouts of pwning newbs in Halo or scoring mad gamerpoints, jason spends his time as the Staffing Program Manager for Microsofts devices and Studios division. Jasons day is spent running programs that help recruit the obscenely talented developers, designers and engineers that have blessed the world with the likes of Xbox, kinect and tons of other rad stuff, much of which he cant tell you about. In non-nerd speakwhat this means is that Jason has the coolest recruiting job in the world!

Look him up as Satchmo baggins on Xbox live. But, watch out for the dreaded headshot! Impress Employers with a, professionally-Written Resume, top-Rated Resume Writing Service 3-5 Business day turnaround 60-day interview guarantee. Executive resume time samples, health Care President / ceo, health Care Executive. Human Resources leadership, sales business Executive, see more Executive resume samples. Success Stories, the result in 5 days has blown me away quite literally.

For the record, i dont know Sharla. . But, i am willing to bet that the recruiter needed to dig to find this information rather than clearly seeing on her resume that Sharla, generated an income of 30,000 from part-time sales. . They also refer to people attempting a job change. . But, a person doesnt magically become qualified simply because they alter the format of their resume. So, this trend needs to die (for that matter, so does. Bieber fever, but thats a topic for another blog). .

I dont know who started it, but I question if they were a recruiter. . I want to know what youve done and where youve done. . I dont want fluff. . I dont want fudging. . The manager and I will decide if your skills translate. . We wont be fooled by an attempt to disguise a persons lack of experience by burying their background in skills. . give me a solid chronological resume, any day.

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As a recruiter, the only way to get more info on some of these questions is to pick up the phone. . I might just do this. . Or I might be busy and rushed and I might feel like my time is better spent calling this next person whose resume is more clear. M makes an argument in favor of skills Based resumes. . They say that funky experience on a chronological resume will turn off a potential employer. . They give the example of Sharla who was a full time teacher doing part-time sales. . Apparently, sharla was hired at Microsoft through her skill based resumes. .

really great resumes

At McDonalds selling happy meals? What were you selling when you exceeded your sales goal? . you worked at Starbucks. . In the store or in the corporate office? . Is that where you learned your customer service skills? A recruiter is left with a wood lot of questions. . On one hand, perhaps this is a way for an applicant to potentially open a door and talk to a real person. .

was obtained. . Through real world, hands on exposure? . Was it learned in school? . maybe this person watches a lot of Discovery Channel and saw a documentary? . Just because i love. Shark week doesnt mean I can add chumming to my qualifications ( or does it?). . Its awesome that you have sales experience!  From where?

Skills or, qualifications or something similar. . In this category, everything is listed that the applicant has done in his or her entire life in the hopes that one of their key words will grab your attention or at least the attention of your search engine. . near the bottom of the page, you will find the employment history, complete with company, title, date and nothing else. Its no secret that recruiters use a series of keywords to track down potential candidates. . Particularly in the technical world. . we look for certain tools and we often move on if those tools are not found on the resume. . Technical resumes often include a section essay of skills at the top. . But, its two or three lines before moving into the experience. .

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I was recently on a discussion panel for job seekers with great my colleague. A participant asked a question about resumes and like many recruiting types, heather told the group that she does not like skill based resumes. And it got me thinking. . I see skill based resumes all the time. . ive never really given them a second thought. . I look at them and I scroll down through 3 paragraphs of skills to find the actual experience. . ive never really stopped to acknowledge this fact:. I bet youve seen the ones, im talking about. . They are often only one page in length, beginning with a category like.

really great resumes
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Anyone can create a good resume. Not everyone can create a truly great resume. It takes 10,000 hours to really become an expert at any subject, resume writing included.

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  5. And it got me thinking. I see skill based resumes all the time. Aug 27, 2014 jon youshaei, contributor I share unconventional career stories and ideas.

  6. This matches much of my experience, as an engineering lead, with trying. I was recently on a discussion panel for job seekers with my colleague heatherMcGough. A participant asked a question about resumes and like many recruiting types, heather told the group that she does not like skill based resumes.

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