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If youre struggling to think of more numbers, try answering the following questions: How big was the team you worked with? (did you have any leadership roles?) How large (in square feet) was the property you were responsible for? How many security cameras were you responsible for keeping track of? What was the value of the property you were in charge of securing? How many criminals did you detain? How many promotions did you receive during the time you worked for your past employer? If you can answer some of the questions above and fit them into your resume, its going to be menarik a huge help toward getting an interview because hiring managers love concrete details. A few numbers can go a long way. Ready to get started on your own resume? Download some of our free templates, or you can use our resume generator to create your own resume in minutes. 31 1 by, jack 10 months ago10 months ago 20 1 by, emma 10 months ago11 months ago 21 1 by, natalie 11 months ago11 months ago 30 1, salary, this chef is determined to raise the dough.

Implemented four smartphone applications that together helped r educe response time by an average of five minutes and cut guard casualties over. If youre still unsure how to write a professional profile, check out our free writing guide with easy step-by-step instructions and examples. Certifications are important Depending on the job youre applying for, security guards require different permits and certifications to be qualified. Research what might be necessary at the places you want to apply, and make sure you are prepared to go get the certifications youre lacking. Security guards have a variety of important responsibilities, and need certificates to help prove theyre capable of handling them Depending on the state, having a firearms permit, cpr and First Aid certification plus your Physical Security Professional (PSP) and Certified Protection Professional (CPP) certifications will. Remember to include numbers friendship Its a lot easier to list leadership skills on a resume than it is to prove it with concrete information. If you can quantify your past career successes, your resume is going to rock. How can you quantify these experiences? The easiest numerical data we always include on a resume is past work experience.

resume bodyguard

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There are four primary components required to make a strong profile. The first part is where you give the employer a glimpse of your essay most relevant experience. You can start with your educational background if you are lacking in the experience department. In the second part, highlight your area of expertise or specialization within the field to which youre is is a critical piece of information because it gives a hiring manager an idea of what you as an individual can bring to the company. Depending on the job youre applying for, security guards require different permits and certifications to be qualified. Part three is where you cover your skill-set, and any certifications you may have picked up in that review field. Finally, in part four you lay down your most impressive career achievements (one or two is enough). This is a great opportunity to quantify your experience, and show how you made a positive impact on the company numbers financially or in other ways. For a security guard this might be the size of the area you patrolled, your high success rate (at reducing crime in your jurisdiction or how you made the work environment a safer place for your colleagues and clients.

Four Tips for Writing a security guard Resume. Highlight how responsible you are security guards (or security officers if you want to make the tone a bit more formal) are responsible for the well-being of a person, establishment or event, so its important that your employer sincerely trusts you. One way to emphasize this in your resume is to illustrate past cases of you being responsible. Work experience is ideal, but if youre fresh out of school and lack experience you can describe your responsibilities as a part of extra-curricular organizations or clubs, like this: Student Body vice President for two years, where i was responsible for mediating problems between students. This single sentence shows that 1) you have a history of maturely handling money, and 2) that you can work well with people. This is a lot better than avoiding the topic of work experience altogether. Use a resume profile a resume profile, also known as a professional profile, is an excellent way to quickly show your worth to an employer. More specifically, it can be used to efficiently convey your experience, areas of expertise, skills and achievements at the top of your resume.

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resume bodyguard

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Secure/protect a building complex valued at over 100 million. Train new security guards and get them comfortable with our communication technology. Monitor our 250 security cameras and make sure theyre working properly. Detain trespassers and pass them on to the police. The venetian hotel casino, las Vegas, nv september 20Security guard, investigated disturbances and detained unruly guests until the authorities arrived. Wrote a daily report and archived it to be reviewed later if necessary. Performed routine patrols throughout the casino and other casino properties nearby.

Monitored a complex system of 2,000 surveillance cameras. Kept my superiors informed on any unusual events or happenings. Interacted politely with guests, helped resolve disputes. Education university of nevada, reno,. In Personal Protection Management, may 2010 Graduated Magna cum laude vice President of the Chess Club essay Additional skills First Aid cpr certified Fluent in Security technologies Bilingual in English spanish.

Heres our list of free resume samples. Not your ideal resume design? Find a resume template thats most suitable for you. If youre looking for more sound advice, check out our expansive cover letter collections for helpful tips. Security guard Resume (Text Format). Text Format, your full name, city, state, zip Code, 123 your Address (xxx)-xxx-xxxx email protected m/in/ChrisJones, resume Profile.

Licensed security guard with 10 years experience working both public security and contract jobs. Excel at supervising teams and coordinating patrols. Cpp and psp certified, well-versed in security technologies and fluent in both English and Spanish. Implemented four smartphone applications that together helped reduce response time by an average of five minutes and cut guard casualties over. Professional Experience, blackrock security, las Vegas, nv september 2010 Present. Shift Supervisor, coordinate a unit of 20 security guards. Assign daily tasks and patrol routes. Maintain a solid stream of communication between my unit and other units.

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Check out our security guard resume sample and position-specific tips to sharpen your resume and increase your odds at landing a new job. Our resume experts know what it takes to create the offer ideal resume for people seeking employment in the security industry. Or, if you are strapped for time, take a look at our easy-to-use resume generator to greatly simplify the process. Table of Contents, security guard Resume sample, related cover Letter. Security guard Resume (Text Format four Tips for Writing a security guard Resume. Security guard Resume sample, build my resume now. Want to see resumes from other industries?

resume bodyguard

It is important to be able to defend yourself, protect others and control other people. Interpersonal skills : being able to talk to people and calm people down is very important. Observation : by knowing your surrounds well, and taking note of different types of people, you will find yourself prepared for any attack. Height : you don't need to be 6 feet tall to be a body guard, but do you need to know how to control someone who is 6 foot or more. Strength fitness : you need to be able to move fast and over power people when needed. We would like to wish you all the best in short your search to becoming a professional bodyguard. Training to be a professional bodyguard can be tough, but very rewarding none the less.

earning less, and the contracts are negotiated based on the locale, the situation and other factors. Pay can range from a minimum of 150 per day up to 1000 a day. Every contract is different and is negotiable. Bodyguard Wages, many bodyguards earn in excess of 70,000 annually. Sometimes an inexperienced but well trained individual will be given a valuable opportunity to gain experience working in association with other bodyguards on an assignment such as a red carpet detail. Sometimes, newer bodyguards are called upon to provide an authoritative presence to act as a deterrent. The pay scale for a beginner is going to be lower, but remember, you are building a resume and contacts. Getting to know other professionals in the business and proving yourself leads to building a network-a crucial tool to assist you in promoting marketing yourself. Training Requirements, becoming a bodyguard, you will need to have the following skills : Martial Arts : having expert knowledge in one of the martial arts or boxing is a must.

The more skills you have, the more experience the more you can earn. A highly skilled bodyguard may earn 125,000 per year plus bonuses, but these are often positions with specific requirements, and locations around the world. One website we visited offered the example of a female bodyguard earning six figures, but bear in mind-she works in saudi Arabia. She obtained the job because she spoke arabic very fluently, knew how to live and abide by the moral ethic of the country. She was very skilled in martial arts and an expert with all weapons (eight years in the usmc). She spoke other languages and could act as proposal an interpreter whenever her client travelled. Those are extremely valuable skills, and merit the high pay check. Bodyguard Experience, bodyguards have varying levels and types of experience.

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How much can i earn as a bodyguard. By now you've been asking, ". How much can i earn as a bodyguard? " The fees associated with this type of essay work vary depending upon many factors, including: your Prior Experience, skills training. Client Profile, level of Risk, amount of Travel Required, locale circumstances of the detail. Range of Duties for the position. There are no set fees for bodyguard employment. All fees are arranged by negotiation.

resume bodyguard
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  5. The pay scale for a beginner is going to be lower, but remember, you are building a resume and contacts. Funcție similară în Israel 6 ani. If you can answer some of the questions above and fit them into your resume, its going to be a huge help toward getting an interview because hiring. Bodyguard, resume, with a punch.

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