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If space allows, we may also provide one more link to the 'notifications preferences' page. We will not display any 'clear New' button at this time. Payload When important messages or event details are available in a concise format, we will aim to include short text snippets, to give the user a sense of what they might get if they click. But these snippets would be short, and truncated after 140? Characters, with an ellipsis to indicate there's more. Timestamp The timestamp will be expressed as a 'time elapsed' indicator (e.g.: 1 min. Ago, 2 hours ago, 3 days ago).

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But for notifications where the object is more important than the actor, we may use passive voice, where the object is named first, then the actor, as shown in this example: " Breakfast " was reviewed by fabrice Florin. Tags: Copy edit 1 hour ago Examples Here are a few more examples of notifications: reviewed and marked does for deletion: icon " Breakfast " was reviewed by kaldari and marked for deletion. Tags: Unambiguous copyright infringement 1 day ago Edit undone: icon your edit to "Breakfast" was reverted by kaldari. view Changes "This is already covered in the 'nutrition' section." 1 minute ago' see more examples in the #Sample notifications section below. Links Each notification will typically contain a single link to the most important action the user can take to respond to the event they are being notified about. This primary action could link to any of these possible pages: your talk page an article page a difference page a discussion page The primary action for each notification type is now described in this prioritized notifications list and will be posted in the #Sample. For information clarity, we will bold the subject, action and object (as shown above even if they do not have a link attached to them. Note that the 'all-preferences' page will display more links than the flyout, to provide users with a wider range of actions. All links from the flyout should open in the same window, not a new window. Other links The flyout would include a 'see all' link to the 'all Notifications' page.

mentions fabrice mentioned you on this page: Dog sample notifications we are working on for the first release are listed below. Grammar The proposed grammar for each flyout notification follows this general format:Fabrice Florin posted on your talk page. "Thanks for your great work!" 1 hour ago view change this would be based on a common 'subject-verb-object' structure, with a few important attributes, as outlined in this pseudo code; actor-name action object : " payload-details " timestamp secondary link, if needed -. G.: view change ' ideally, notifications would help answer these key questions engelsk about each event: who? if available in a concise format - to give the user a better sense of what this event is about. Note that many events will not cover all these answers. Depending on the type of notification, we may use passive, rather than active voice. For example, we would use the active voice with the subject first for talk page messages or mentions that are related to person-to-person interactions.

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'new' means a notification that you haven't seen yet, and that occurred recently, since the last time you opened flyout. To be clear, there should be as many highlighted notifications as the number in the red badge. If you click on a highlighted notification, it becomes 'read' and loses its highlight. If needed, we may also want to provide a different, grayed-out highlight to indicate items that you have already clicked on previously. Its opacity could be reduced, making it light gray, so you can tell it apart from the ones you have not yet clicked. However, this is a lower priority than the primary highlight for 'new' items described above. Types The flyout would include different thypes of notifications, including these sample types now in development: Edit reversions (e.g.: 'vibha undid your edit to Breakfast reviews ryan reviewed a page you started: Breakfast.

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statement of user requirements

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However, you may still click on that gray badge, which will display the flyout again, with plan its most recent notifications essay The gray badge with the number zero would be shown next to the user name, even if there are no new notifications (or no notifications. If the user has not received any notifications at all, the flyout and all-notifications pages would display this line of text where the notifications would have appeared: "you have no notifications at this time." Echo notifications flyout The flyout will feature a short list. See mockup to the right. Purpose The purpose of the flyout is to: make users aware of new activity that relates to them give them a short list of the most recent notifications enable them to take action on any event in that list view more notifications on the all-notifications. If the user wants to see more, they can click on 'see all' to go to the 'all-notifications' page. It is likely that these numbers will vary between devices, based on the height of your display - and will be reduced for smaller screens, since scrolling in a flyout is not the best user experience. We will tweak these numbers once we have a first working version of the flyout we can test on various devices.

Order Notifications will be shown in reverse chronological order, with the latest notifications shown first, based on their timestamp. The most recent notifications will remain on the flyout until replaced by newer notifications, which will push them down the stack incrementally, until they fall off from the flyout list. (The same ordering principle will be used in the all-notifications page, except that the list will be longer and separated by days: today, yesterday, all the way back to the past 7 days). Scrollbar we will provide a scrollbar in the flyout for devices that can support them. This will be needed in order to see up to 10 items in the flyout, which will not all fit at once in the first view of the flyout, particularly if they all have payloads. Highlights When you first open the flyout, its 'new' notifications will be highlighted, so you can tell at a glance which are new.

This doesn't mean we will not support advanced editors, but we will initially emphasize notifications that help engage new users, who need this service most urgently. Anonymous, unregistered users will not be targeted for this release. Key features edit User touchpoints for Echo key features for Echo's first release include: user menu flyout all-notifications page email notifications preferences page for an overview of how these features work together, check the user touchpoints map (see thumbnail to the right). In phase 1 of this project (Oct. 2013 we will create a simple version of these features, focusing on a first desktop version for both web and email delivery, as described below. Other features under consideration for later development may be added in separate sections below, including a mobile version, which will not be developed until the second release in spring 2013 (after wmf's mobile platform starts supporting log-in features).

User Menu edit Echo notifications badge The first visible touchpoint for users is a 'notifications' badge in the top menu that appears after the user's name in the upper right corner of any web page (referred to below as the 'user menu' or 'growler. Notifications badge for the first release, we now plan to simply show a 'badge' (also called a 'growler without a label next to the user name. If the user has notifications they have not already seen, the badge will be red and will show the number of such 'unseen' notifications. This is likely be a red rectangle with a number ranging from 1 to 999, to match best practices. This badge will auto-update as outlined below, so that if a new notification comes in, the number will be changed as soon as possible. To be clear, the number in the red badge refers to new, unseen notifications that occurred since the last time you looked at the flyout. Notification flyout Clicking on the "Notifications badge' will display the notifications Flyout and zero out the badge, turning it gray. Clicking on it again (or anywhere outside of the notifications flyout will close that flyout, and mark all notifications as read. The badge will then be grayed out, not red and will no longer have a number, until new unseen notifications are added.

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Only send notifications to relatively active users. If a user stops visiting the site or clicking on the notifications, we should reduce the flow right away, so it is not perceived as spam. (under discussion) measure the impact Track how often users click on each type of notifications. If we find that clickthrough falls below a certain threshold (e.g. 15) for certain types of notifications, we may want to consider removing them from the feed nashville - or not make them default options in preferences. These guidelines are still preliminary and subject to revision. Once we refine them some more, they may be useful when communicating with developers to use our Echo api to add notifications for their own extensions. User groups edit workflow: Notifications for a new user's first steps on wikipedia for the first release, we will support three types of registered users: new editor (our primary target) active editor very active editor/admin However, we will focus on new editors (over experienced editors). Specifically, we will concentrate on some of the first notifications which a new user will receive after creating an account on wikipedia, as shown in the workflow to the right.

statement of user requirements

experience for our users. Focus on quality, every notification should be useful to our users. Quality is key to prevent users from turning off notifications. Notification should only feature the most relevant events, from the user's perspective - highlighting just the key items from the watchlist, talkpage and other feeds. Newsworthy stories, notifications should be informative, like a good news story, and report objectively about who did what, when and where. Keep them short and sweet, notifications should be concise, with the basic message under 10 words (up to 20 words if there are multiple user names, long article names or text snippets - which should be truncated after x characters). Actionable, make notifications actionable, but don't overload the user with too many actions. Don't send more than X notifications per day, if possible, so people don't view this as spam.

This page describes feature requirements for a notifications system for Mediawiki, code-named. The features below are for the first release of Echo in early 2013. To learn more about Echo, check out this project hub, this testing page, the user experience page, the metrics plan and other related documents. Contents, overview edit, echo is designed to writing replace and augment existing notification systems on Mediawiki sites, as well as provide significantly more control to both users and developers as to how their notifications are handled, read, and deleted. This new notifications system seeks to unify the delivery of interaction messages in Mediawiki core, through a common api that can provide a uniform interface for users, as well as a scaleable, high-performance platform for developers. For a quick visual overview of this project, check the. Problems solutions edit, we aim to solve these core problems: There is no central notification system on Media wiki sites. The current ad-hoc approach is inefficient. Users are not notified of key events.

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How we regulate health and safety law. Skip to content, skip to navigation, this website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. About hse, how hse regulates, points what regulatory enforcement means for you. Find out what regulation and enforcement means for your business: How we influence and engage, we encourage broader ownership by influencing and engaging all those who have an interest in health and safety. Hse aims to reduce work-related death, injury and ill health. Notifications inform you of new activity that affects you on wikipedia - and let you take quick action.

statement of user requirements
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  1. You can visit our cookie privacy page for more information. Echo is designed to replace and augment existing notification systems on Mediawiki sites, as well as provide significantly more control to both users and developers as to how their notifications are handled, read, and deleted. This new notifications system seeks to unify the delivery of interaction. Mail Requests mail requests are only processed at the above norwalk location.

  2. This ogc encoding Standard defines geopackages for exchange and. Geopackage, sQLite Extensions for direct use of vector geospatial features and / or tile matrix sets of earth images and raster maps at various scales. This website uses non-intrusive cookies to improve your user experience.

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