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Photograph of the memorial plaque on the northumberland Monument. The rank and styling of: Sir Richard guildford Sir Edward guildford The high and Mighty styling of: John Dudley, duke of Northumberland. Why is the duchess of Northumberland buried in an obscure parish church? Why isnt the duchess buried in one of the dudley family vaults? The contemporary witness Holbein provides compelling new evidence to explain the mystery. The roles played by Chroniclers : Edward Hall Raphael Holinshed royal cousins Anecdotal history of a great grandson of Edward iv, sir Philip Sidney - (a rightful heir) And a great granddaughter of Edward iv, elizabeth i - (a legal heir) James iv of Scotland. The on going inquiry: Elizabethan, jacobean stuart.

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Recent investigation revealed an anti-catholic slogan on the painting, which appeared in the mid-18th century and was later over painted with a spurious date and signature, 'rowlandas Locky 1530' or '1532'. Since the only rowland Lockey in the literature is known from about 1593, the latest examinations in the uk and usa give this beautiful world painting to holbein, the radiocarbon date corroborating authentic documentation and traditional More family history. The travel scientific reports are published for the first time today. Point and click first : Thomas merriam unveiling of the more family portrait at Nostell Priory moreana xx 79-80 (Nov. 1983) Thomas merriam john Clement : his identity and his Marshfoot house in Essex Moreana xxv 97 (March 1988) Jack leslau the Princes in the tower Moreana xxv 98-99 (Dec.1988) 17-36 jack leslau the more circle : the Antwerp/Mechelen/louvain Connexion ( Amici Thomae mori International. Peter lang, 1997.167-172 Sir Thomas More and his Family is reproduced by kind permission of the owner, the lord St Oswald and Trustees, and is on view to the public at Nostell Priory,. Wakefield, west Yorkshire, england. Further details are available from the national Trust Office in York. Photograph, by sir geoffrey shackerley. The contents of this Web site link directly to the above published articles :.2mb in 510 Files: 2 sir thomas more and his family by hans Holbein the younger Part Two Cryptology The case for a holbein attribution The artists communication security Art and.

Jack leslau : I would like to introduce you to the persons depicted in this painting. But first, i want you to see if there is anything strange about the picture itself. For instance, the clock door above thomas Mores head is open. To the right, in front of an unstrung table harp there is an extremely odd vase with each handle upside-down in relation to its companion handle. In the right literature foreground, two sisters wear dresses with sleeves made from material of the other sisters bodice : red velvet and cloth-of-gold. There are more than eighty anomalies in this painting and you may conceivably decide to identify them, work out what they mean and what the artist is trying to communicate. You will have help. For the present, i have to draw attention that this painting has been in the possession of the more family since it was painted by hans Holbein the younger (1497/8-1543) during the artist's second visit to England (1532-1543).

thesis guildford

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Introduction More than five hundred years business after the disappearance of two English princes, thirteen-year-old Edward v and his younger brother, richard, duke of York, people still dispute and contradict what happened. Since the princes disappeared from the tower of London in the reign of Richard iii, one side say richard had them killed, relying on a confession made some nineteen years later by a person promptly beheaded by order of Henry vii. The other side says it was a false confession extracted under torture. Why wasn't there a public trial? And so the dispute was born. And as the turbulent history receded further back into the past, the likelihood of discovering new evidence of the true fate of the princes became more and more improbable. But the outcome of this royal tragedy, which saw the birth of the tudor dynasty in England, the story of its remarkable consequences and the extraordinary way in which those consequences came to be interactive and inextricably intertwined with our story, begins very simply. It begins with a painting. The person who broke the code tells the story.

It started when Nobel Prize winner de duve called. Next was the craziest story i ever heard but that was in fact as probable as the other version of the history of The Princes in the tower. Article by peter Van dooren, Science Editor, de standaard, 4 September 1991,. 12 1 the princes in the tower the mystery of the Princes in the tower has an uncomfortable feel about. A witness left testimony in a painting and no one saw it because it was hidden and in code. Not everyone knows that! The witness is positively identified, the codetext decoded and interpreted. If you want to know ick.

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thesis guildford

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His Holiness appreciates the winter sentiments which prompted this devoted gesture and he invokes upon you and your colleagues the peace and joy of our Lord Jesus Christ. I also have the honour to convey his Apostolic Blessing. Yours sincerely, signed,. Sepe, assessor, dated 28 February 1989. Jack leslau delivers a lecture, filmed for a tv documentary, on the Princes in the tower, at the Athenaeum Club, london. Bulletin thomas more, january 1990,. 21 ( Moreana, the bi-lingual French and English review of Thomas More Studies, serves as bulletin to the International Association Amici Thomae mori, at the catholic University of the west at Angers, France.

Historian finds clues to 500-year-old whodunit. Article by lee levitt, jewish chronicle, london,. 5 Centuries on, theyre still arguing about Richard iii. Article by randi hutter Epstein, saudi gazette, riyadh,.1 The Craziest Story i ever heard. It is a wonderful story and my hands itch to get those skeletons over here. The speaker is Vice-rector Herman Van Den Berghe of the catholic University of louvain (KUL) whose centre of Human Genetics has worked out a technique with which the history of England can be rewritten.

667: The Princes in the tower Ages? On whether Richard iii had the two princes done in at the ages of 14 and nine. Everyone knows he did. You try telling that to jack leslau the guardian, weekend Front 2/3, august 1995. Comment from abroad : usa, europe, asia and Oceania university of Arizona confirms Holbein painting is authentic.

Article by carla McClain, tucson Citizen,.4 The hidden Rebus in Hans Holbeins Portrait of the sir Thomas More family. Although the authenticity of the nostell Priory portrait of the Thomas More family as a holbein original has become the subject of a raging controversy in art history circles, the discovery of the hidden rebus in the painting may cause significant change in the recorded. Article by Thomas Van Ness Merriam, exeter, bulletin of Phillips Exeter Academy, exeter,. How Holbein hid a royal secret. Sydney morning Herald,. 42 secretariat of state - from the vatican dear. Leslau, the holy father has directed me to acknowledge your letter and to thank you for the copy of your lecture.

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Next time, maybe we should start specially early so as not to run out of time! I hope you felt it was worth while: we certainly did, and we had our plan all time maximum audience 108. Nokes, general Secretary, dated 17 September 1992. The family of Sir Thomas More a number of tests carried out during its recent restoration, and extensive research carried out by jack leslau, have once again reopened the controversy as to its authorship, date and interpretation. The restored canvas, measuring 12ft by 9ft, was unveiled last month by mores successor in office lord hailsham, and is once again on view at Nostell Priory, wakefield, yorkshire. Article by susan of country life,. 924, pass Notes.

thesis guildford

The greatest mystery in English history will be resolved by scientists, says Jack leslau of dissertation the. Friends of Thomas More. Scientists in the United Kingdom, europe and the United States will test Leslaus theory that the princes were in fact not murdered and that the story was a successful Tudor deception. Article by sir Gordon Wolstenholme, former Harveian Librarian, royal College of Physicians, british medical journal, vol. 382, bbc news current affairs : special current affairs programmes, radio. Dear Jack leslau, thank you very much for coming to Broadcasting house to take part in our arts pilot programme. I thought your remarks during the discussion were fascinating and I shall watch news of your bid for the dna tests with great interest. Signed, Sheila cook, senior Producer, bbc news current Affairs Programmes, richard iii society patron. The duke of Gloucester dear Jack, many thanks indeed for your lecture on tuesday last.

The, daily telegraph,.14, dNA may solve princes riddle. Article by lewis Smith, sunday express,. Will dna prove the princes lived? Article by Annabel Ferriman, Independent on Sunday,. The Princes in the tower, the true fate of Edward and Richard, the two young princes who disappeared from the tower of London in 1483, is under multi-disciplinary review.

Holbeins claim is testable - by dna profiling. The author, jack leslau was born in London in 1931. His discovery of the so-called Holbein Codes surprised the academic world since it was unpaid work by a self-taught amateur. What the uk media say about Jack leslau : How Holbein Hid a royal Secret. The picture on the right may or may not have been painted by holbein in Chelsea in 1540. According to jack leslau, this portrait of Sir Thomas More and his family contains clues proving that Richard iii did not murder the little princes in the tower and that no such murders took place at plan all. Report by geraldine norman, spectrum article, the times,. The lord Chancellor, lord hailsham, talks to lord.

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The hans Holbein foundation resource centre for research and development. Holbein, sir thomas more the princes in the tower. The disappearance of two boy princes from the tower points of London in 1483 remains the greatest, most baffling and longest running case of missing persons in the history of royal England. Read the remarkable sir Thomas More and The Princes in the tower - encrypted messages for posterity by mores friend Hans Holbein the younger. Holbein claims he met both princes, now married with families, in Mores house in the reign of Henry viii. Holbein gives us their cover names. We know where they are buried.

thesis guildford
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  7. BA (Hons) Dip Arch, ma (Hons) Claire studied at Nottingham University before joining pwp architects in 2004. She went on to study at Portsmouth University where she graduated with a diploma in Architecture and was awarded the sustainability prize for her thesis. The developing Mind, second Edition: How Relationships and the Brain Interact to Shape Who we are: : Medicine health Science books @. The hans Holbein foundation resource centre for research and development.

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