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who are the users of a business plan

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RapidShare has initiated a dialogue between the content industry and the internet industry to go forward and create new models of cooperation that eliminate the need for piracy, thus the need for pursuing users and thus protect data privacy on the internet. We believe that if users can instantly find what they are looking for at a fair price, piracy will become a problem of the past. We also have a, german translation of this article). By wayne porter, we have talked a lot about spyware, malware and adware programs that are being installed by some file sharing applications. There exist some obvious drawbacks for users as many services install bho? S, or throw-up pop-up ads in order to monetize the file sharing service. After all nothing in life is every truly free and there is usually a price that has to be paid by someone, somewhere down the line. Now the price is starting to get steep for some users as the recording Industry Association of America has went on a rampage of lawsuits against individuals who are sharing copyrighted files via p2P networks?

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My company does have several million users per day. I am sure, that quite a paper significant proportion of these users may be willing to buy your companies movies, he concludes. Rapidshares plans will probably be received critically by many users, but they might be essential for the sites survival. A rapidshare spokesperson told TorrentFreak that copyright holders have been pushing hard for proactive filters that will prevent users from uploading copyrighted dhwani material. The shop proposal on the other hand gives the copyright holders an option to convert downloaders into customers, and this might benefit all parties in the long run. Rapidshare was sent a draft of this article and didnt question the authenticity of the information we posted. They got back to us with the following comment: RapidShare is seeking the partnership of the content industry to generate new models that make piracy obsolete. One of these models is to redirect users to legal content on our own website, which is provided by content owners. This redirect has been in place since beginning of 2010 and well perceived by users so far. We experience that many users seek the content in the first place and are very often not aware and cannot find out if any content is pirated or not. That is why they prefer to consume it from a reliable and safe source, instead of risking to be involved in piracy.

In the second part of his letter Chang goes on to plug an interesting business proposal to the media executives. Instead of simply removing pages where copyrighted material can be downloaded, rapidshare would degenerative like to redirect users to an online store where the same content can be bought legally. If a user finds out that several attempts to download an illegal copy of a dvd are in vain, and if his several attempts to steal this dvd have just brought him to an online-store, he may finally be frustrated and willing to purchase. Rapidshare already has a licensing deal for promotional content with Warner Bros. And they would like to extend this to full titles of various studios. Currently, we are redirecting users to a website link on which they can view promotional content only. Even though this website does only offer promotional content, it does already have 250,000 users per day, chang writes. We are willing to invest substantially into this online store and I would be glad to not just talk about RapidShare as a threat for the entertainment industry, but also about RapidShare as an interesting option to sell your products.

who are the users of a business plan

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In follow up conversations over email and on the phone, rapidshare remained vague about what this would actually entail. We were told that Rapidshare nashville doesnt have any logs of the files people download, but that uploaders can indeed have their accounts terminated if they are caught. Referring to infringing users as criminals does also explain Bobby Changs statement to the entertainment industry that Our cooperation with the german-based organization gvu is running for several years. Gvu is the german anti-piracy outfit that includes members such as the mpa and other local content owners. Bobby Chang does not go into detail in explaining how this cooperation has effected. RapidShares relationship to content owners in the past. Perhaps even more interesting is Rapidshares commitment to institute proceedings against competitors who are intentionally supporting criminal activities. By criminal activities Rapidshare means uploading copyrighted material, the same activity that helped their business to flourish. What the basis of these proceedings will be is not clear from Changs writing.

Several new players are trying heavily and with shady or unfair business practices to get into the market. I am convinced that most of those new players are trying really hard to gain the favor of those users, who rely on cyberlockers to spread and distribute copyright protected content, he writes, adding that other well-established cyberlockers are trying to compete with the aggressive. According to Chang, rapidshare is determined to take another route. Instead of gaining the favor of copyright infringers (or criminals as Rapidshares manager calls them they are going to take a stand against these competitors. In addition, they will step up efforts to go after users that upload copyrighted material. RapidShare has decided not to participate in this battle and not to fight for the favor of criminals. Instead we would rather like to agitate against these activities and if possible to institute proceedings against those competitors of ours, who are intentionally supporting criminal activities, Chang writes. We are more aggressively than before terminating accounts of users who have been caught uploading copyright protected content, he explains, while adding that they have also stopped the payout option that was part of the rewards program. This last paragraph is what led us to post the earlier article about account terminations.

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who are the users of a business plan

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Earlier this week we already hinted at Rapidshares intention to terminate accounts of copyright infringers. In that article we made the mistake of"ng a fake email that has been circulating for a while, which suggested that Rapidshare had been logging ip-addresses for legal purposes. In reality, the company has only been terminating the accounts of infringing uploaders. The true reason for us posting the earlier article was founded on information we obtained completely separately and was totally unrelated to the mi"d email. TorrentFreak recently received documentation showing communication between Rapidshares General summary Manager Bobby Chang and representatives of the entertainment industry which is 100 genuine.

In the documentation we have chang reveals some of Rapidshares future plans. I would like to use this mail to inform you about some changes of our companys business strategy. RapidShares supervisory board has decided to not just rely on the filehosting business but to extend our companys efforts to officially distribute licensed content, begins Chang in editing his writing to the media executives. Rapidshares manager then goes on to explain how the filehosting business is currently undergoing some major changes. For quite a few weeks and months we have seen changes in the filehosting business.

Facebook newsfeed is an embodiment of our war on noise. We depend on the newsfeed optimizer to protect our limited attention span, and as a consequence, facebook gets to choose what stories we do and dont see, just as google chooses which search results we do and dont see. Conceptually, this seems very lucrative: Facebook is auctioning off our limited attention span to the highest bidder, as long as the bidder has a candidate newsstory to promote. This is what like-gate is about. Welcome to the attention economy. 1,738, kudos 1,738, kudos.

The file-hosting service rapidshare is seeking major entertainment industry partners for an online store where links to infringing material will redirect. The plan is an attempt to bridge the gap between copyright holders and users of the site who distribute infringing material. Similar to many other companies that operate in the file-sharing business, rapidshare often finds itself caught between two fires. On the one hand it wants to optimize the user experience, but by doing so they have to respect the rights holders to avoid being continuously dragged to court. To ease the minds of some major executives in the entertainment industry, rapidshares General Manager Bobby Chang has revealed an ambitious plan through which copyright holder could benefit from the file-hosting service. At the same time, chang says that his company will target uploaders of copyrighted material who he refers to as criminals more aggressively.

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(I recall reading a study that lab said that most casual google users arent even aware that those are the result of paid placement.) From a marketers perspective, the best kind of google traffic to get is organic, (ie free) that is the result of googles. In addition to organic placement via seo, a marketer will purchase paid placement to supplement and expand their reach and search-related revenue. This is analogous to the facebook playbook: Facebook users and Pages that create high value content which is algorithmically determined to be engaging will get organic visibility in the feed. Additionally, candidate stories that would not normally be placed into the feed by the engagement optimizer can be paid for wider newsfeed inclusion. Good marketers will implement Open Graph everywhere they possibly can: to get both free organic traffic and an ample supply of candidate stories for paid promotion. From a facebook user perspective, we dont really know how the algorithm works, and are already trained to understand that some things magically show up our newsfeed and some things dont. If a normal user sees that one of their friends bought a livingSocial deal at the top of their feed, they may/may not click on it, but they certainly wont question how it got there.

who are the users of a business plan

Open Graph outsourced the widespread creation of incredibly flexible ad-units that look like newstories in fact they are newsstories. This provides a huge amount of potential ad inventory for Open Graph partners. For example, if person X bought a deal on m, it would make sense that Fab would be interested in paying extra for this leadership story to be promoted to person Xs friends. Without Fabs initial Open Graph integration, that newstory/ad-unit wouldnt exist to begin with. The thing to pay attention to here is the fact that Open Graph partners are creating billions of candidate ad-units every day. The vast majority of those stories will never be seen, but that doesnt really matter, does it? Seo/sem fan Page management/Paid placement, on m, the ad-units are paid search results which show up at the top and side of search pages.

performs better on mobile. Rather, it is for them to sell the placement of stories in the omnipresent single column newsfeed. If they are able to nail end-to-end promoted stories system, then their current monetization issues on mobile disappear. The idea of, open Graph is that developers and marketers create new verbs and nouns that can be used to model different actions being taken. Ie bob just watched a video on Socialcam or Jane just planned a trip on TripAdvisor. Facebook has been systematically testing the amount of virality and engagement of the newsstories created by Open Graph. (you should also note that a large percentage of them are related to ecommerce transactions.) every single Open Graph action that occurs is a candidate for paid promotion. Do you see where this is going?

If you only log into facebook once every few days, the optimizer will go back over that timespan and show you the most interesting content it can during those few days. If you log in every 10 minutes it will show you the most interesting fresh content it can during those 10 minutes. Think about this for a moment: newsfeed is doing realtime engagement optimization that works well enough to be used by a large percentage of you the worlds population. Newsfeed already has all of the properties of an ad-server its just that it has been built to optimize on engagement rather than revenue. The best ad is indistinguishable from content. We can expect to see facebook deemphasizing traditional advertising units in favor of promoted news stories in your stream. The reason is that the very best advertising is content.

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Several prominent people are up in arms about Facebook charging for access to users who have already liked their page. I believe this debate is missing the big picture, and what we are in fact witnessing is the unfurling of the full-fledged Facebook business model. Facebook is showing us how they will cross the chasm from good low-ctr low-cpm ad-units into what investors have been waiting for since the beginning: a facebook analogue to google Adwords. The newsfeed optimizer, picture the firehose of potential newsfeed stories that Facebook could show you. There are undoubtedly candidate stories that newsfeed never shows you originating from people that you have forgotten are on your friends list at all. In reality, facebook is already shipping a sophisticated real-time optimizer. Every time you post a story the algorithm attempts to quantify how interesting it is, and is constantly updating the interestingness score based on comments, likes and clicks.

who are the users of a business plan
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  4. Several prominent people are up in arms about Facebook charging for access to users who have already liked their page. Still, in our business, we are taking Zuckerbergs suggestion and attempting to actually sell something. What is the viable business model for internet business?

  5. By alexis Dormandy tech business, last updated: August 8th, 2012.cent of users are fake is one thing, but if fake users are responsible for a large proportion of the. How long have they been in business, how many customers do they have, who are their testimonial users (if available)? Users are also encouraged to utilize our rss system to provide unique content and extracts for their site. Who or what is riaa?

  6. In addition, they will step up efforts to go after users that upload copyrighted material. Perhaps even more interesting is Rapidshares commitment to institute proceedings against competitors who are intentionally supporting criminal activities. Warning warning we want to find out which users are actually using their yahoo accounts. Another variant circulated in April 2010 targeted users of, blackBerry messenger.

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