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short essay on ruskin bond

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However the functionalist view that the nuclear family is both universal and typical can be contradictory. Murdock studied families in 250 societies and found that some kind of family existed in every society and was therefore universal. The types of family structure that Murdock found in all 250 families was the nuclear family which lead him to conclude that the nuclear family is a universal social grouping, (Handout the family). Parsons agrees with Murdock and goes on to say that the nuclear family is typical and normal. Parsons states that the female role is expressive. He makes distinction on the basic biology in that the female is more expressive because of giving birth to the child. Due to child birth the mother has a closer relationship with her baby. The female is a real carer and good at expressing her emotions and is natural in socialising children.

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It includes adults of both sexes, at least two of whom maintain a socially approved sexual relationship and one or more children own or adopted of the save sexually co-habiting adults (Haralambos, 2000). His idea of the universality of the family seems to focus on one type of family. However, the kind of family form that Murdock based his findings on when he did his research in 250 societies he found only nuclear families. This led him to the conclusion that the nuclear family was a universal social group. However, murdock views of the family is somewhat flawed due to the different type of families that exist in todays society. Murdock and Parsons have the view that women should be a t the home looking after and nurturing the children, while men should go out to work and are bread winners of the family. Murdock states that the nuclear family is universal and is based on three key functions for a family to survive in society. These are, it stabilizes sexual and reproductive functions. It also provides basic economic requirements such as food and shelter. Moreover it provides the function of socialization of the next generation life into the norms, values and other aspects of culture in that society. Murdock argues that without these functions the nuclear family would not survive (Kirby, 1997).

Liberal feminists views ague that women wanted equal rights. However they point on that changes in the political, economic and social system of western societies will be a gradual process. Liberal feminists see inequalities as affecting both males and females. They see women with potential in the workplace as not having the opportunity to progress. Liberal feminists are a strong advocate of equal opportunities for males and females. According to haralambos and Holborn (2000) liberal feminists supported such measures as the sex Discrimination Act (1975) and the Equality Act (1970) with the intention that these laws would help end discrimination. Critically evaluate the functionalist view that the nuclear family is both universal and typical. According to murdock a functionalist whos claimed that some kind of family existed in every society and was universal. His definition of the family states you that the family is a social group characterised by common residence, economic co-operation and reproduction.

short essay on ruskin bond

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In this view, this is a patriarchal society essay rather than a capitalist society in which women have different interests than men. Men are not seen as the source of male domination, although the feminists do see the family as important in keeping male power. Women are seen as exploited because of the housework and child care duties that she has to carry out unpaid. Men are seen as the ruling class and females as the subject in which patriarchal power control womens sexual activity. Willmott (1970) argues that the way society is organised enabled men to dominate women. In the extreme from this can take the form of violence. As Dobash and Dobash (1980) indicates this violence from men is a real threat to many women and children.

They also question whether the family life is becoming egalitarian. In addition, feminists view the family as an institution, which has greater benefits for men compared to those for women (Haralambos, 2000). In regards to the marxist feminist perspective, marxists such as Engel and Zaretsky recognised that women are treated unfairly in the home. However their focus is on the relationship between Capitalism and the family. Margaret Benston states that women are the emotional support for her husband. This support provides him with comfort, which enables him to continue to go out to perform well in his job. In terms this is good for the capitalist employee working well in order to perform his role as a wage labourer (handout feminist perspectives on the family). According to Bryson (1997 radical feminists view the oppression of women as the most fundamental and universal from of control.

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short essay on ruskin bond

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The bond between married daughter and mother became closer and the conjugal bond between husband and wife became weaker. A survey carried out by willmott and young in the 1950s showed that stage two families still exists in Bethnal Green. There is still a strong bond between mothers and daughters. (Haralambos and Holborn, 2000). Historically the symmetrical family brought changes to the structure of the family. However, there are feminist theories on the family for example, radical feminists believe that that the family is a unit of oppression. Radical feminists see the home as a place where women were exploited by the capitalists and their husbands.

Men were the head of the family and household. The men had political and economic powers allowing them to make decisions in the home. As a result the women would be dependent on the men. In order to understand the family, feminism has probably had more influence on the study of the family than any essay other approaches in society. Feminists have highlighted the dangerous effects on women within the family. Also the dominance of men within the family was highlighted.

The family started to decline in the nineteenth century due to the industrial revolution which gave rise to the emergence of the factory system. (Haralambos and Holborn, 2002). The stage two families began with early industrialization. Factory production replaced the domestic system and such families ceased to be a unit of production and focused more on the individuals employed as wage earners. During the nineteenth century there was high unemployment and widespread poverty amongst the working class.

Stage three families began in the early 1970s. This is a new emerging family called the symmetrical family. It is egalitarian and democratic. The conjugal bond between husband and wife is strong and they share their work and time around the home. The nuclear family has become a large self-containing and self-reliant unit. Wives still have the main responsibility of raising the children with a little help from their husbands. Women started a network of support in order to help each other and their children during hard times. This extension of network was done to cope with poverty by creating an insurance policy and support.

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The question is empire to outline and critically evaluate the functionalist view that the typical family unit is nuclear. The other part of the question is to critically evaluate the work of Willmott and young that suggests that the family is becoming resume increasingly symmetrical. In defining the symmetrical family according to willmott and young, males and females are becoming equal within the family. Willmott and young also stated that there are three stages in becoming a symmetrical family. The first stage is the pre-industrial family, which is a unit of production consisting of a husband, wife and unmarried children. The family worked for themselves on the land as a unit of production. This is still represented in a small minority of families today.

short essay on ruskin bond

: chiefly col. Spine title: Mussoorie landour. Summary outline, past and present, of two hill stations, mussoorie and Landour Cantonment, located in northern India. Landour Cantonment (India)-history-pictorial works. Location call number status alderman library ds 486.M78 B66 1992 Not checked out woodstock - dream school page.

When neighbors become good Friends, while ruskin Bond himself meditates on "And Other Writers in, residence" in the mussoorie hills. These, however, were not written by ruskin Bond. A glen near Mussoorie, dhunaulti. The article is from, the hindu. Not written by ruskin Bond. "Monsoon Magic over Mussoorie" The hindu. Excerpts from Bond saili's Mussoorie and Landour slogan (1992). A short bibliography of Ruskin Bond.

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Ruskin Bond - poet and Author. See a bibliography, ruskin Bond is a long-time resident of Landour and Mussoorie (in the himalaya mountains in India well-known for his poetry, fiction, and weekly English-language columns in leading Indian newspapers. "books Were my best Friends." by ruskin Bond, India perspectives, april 2005,. Slow-loading pdf file "Walking in the hills" by ruskin Bond, India perspectives, february 2005,. Slow-loading pdf file mussoorie's Landour bazar " by, ruskin Bond, India perspectives, december 2003. Reviews of Ruskin Bond's 1999 book, a season of Ghosts, from the calcutta, telegraph, india today, and, outlook. These links do not seem to work anymore, from the mid-1990s, one of Ruskin Bond's neighbors, bill engelsk Aitken, writes about.

short essay on ruskin bond
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  6. Slow-loading pdf file a short bibliography of, ruskin, bond. Russia 18 Russia condensed Notes Russia russia and Canada russia and China In Central Asia: Changing Great Powers Russia and Its Rulers Russia and oil Russia and Spain Russia and the Ussr Russia and Their Instability russia and Their Troubles Russia article russia ban. On, emos Russia branding Russia. And going on still more, with excitement and love, about archaeology, to me the most exciting pursuit of all.

  7. Ruskin, bond, an Indian author known for his books like the Blue umbrella, falling In love again, The road to the bazaar and more. walking in the hills. Ruskin, bond, india perspectives, february 2005,.

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