Slogan writing on van mahotsav

Van, mahotsav, week at Abhinav global School, Dwarka

slogan writing on van mahotsav

Van, mahotsav by Eco and Environment club Qudrat

Coordinator, dynasty Incharges and Dynasty wardens to announce the new members of Shalom Student council for the current session. The meeting started on a jubilant note when the principal congratulated the freshly elected Student council members. Calling the student leaders as youth ambassadors and pillars of the school,. Atul Bhatt underlined the importance of school norms and how the student representatives need to comply with them at all times. Only then they will be able to ensure the implementation of school rules by their fellow-students. The principal briefed them about their key responsibilities. He made it clear that the newly elected council members need to take up maintenance of school decorum and discipline as their topmost priority.

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The four school dynasties cedar, Ebony, maple and oak led by their captains, vice-captains and house members were similarly felicitated with sashays and badges of office by Mr Atul Bhatt, the school principal and the two head-Mistresses of Senior and Primary wing,. Priya chauhan and. In an atmosphere of complete dignity and solemnity, the Student council took the oath of office from the Principal of the school. Passion and love for their alma mater laced the three inspiring speeches made by the new head boys, karan and Adit and of the head Girl, tara yadav. The three student leaders shared their vision and plans for their beloved school and rendered a heartfelt gratitude to the founder-Managing Director, Dr Lilly george for mentoring them and grooming them from the time they joined the school. In his speech, Mr Atul Bhatt, the school principal felicitated the student leaders and told them to walk the talk. Exhorting artist the Student council members to be role-models for the others, the principal also told the office-bearers to always uphold the school rules and be exemplary leaders for their school mates. The Investiture ceremony ended with the rendition of the Shalom Anthem and signing of the Charter of Duties by the Student council. Maiden meeting of newly elected Student council of 2015-16 held on 17th July15 There was a tangible crackle of excitement in the air and a certain amount of suspense writ large on the faces of the senior graders as they entered the school on 17th. During the first half of the day, a meeting was chaired by the school principal, Mr Atul Bhatt and attended by the head-Mistress of the senior Wing,.

They interacted freely with the guards and resume told them how they can contribute to the cause and keep the school premises and surroundings clean, green and beautiful. Similarly the Student council office-bearers went up to the bus drivers and conductors and similarly informed them about the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The young school leaders impressed upon them that with their contribution, Shalom Hills International School will emerge as the best example of a swachh Shalom School and surroundings. Whenever a worthy cause has to be taken up or lent support to shalom Hills International School is a sure forerunner! Shalom Hills International School hosts its Investiture ceremony on 27th July15 Shalom Hills International School produces fine scholars and future world leaders. Through its Student Empowerment Programme, student leaders are groomed and invested with well-defined roles and real powers in the rich soil of Shalom Hills International School every year. 27th July15 dawned as a propitious, proud and solemn occasion as the office-bearers of Shalom Student council 2015-16 stood on the brink of a new chapter in their life and donned the mantle of student leadership in the Investiture ceremony ter the lords Prayer, choir. Atul Bhatts address to the school, the newly elected office-bearers of Students council led by the head boys, Adit Arora and Karan rakesh Nigam and the head Girl, tara yadav of Grade xii and head boy and head-Girl of the junior Wing, devyansh and Ananya. There they received their sashays and badges of office from the principal.

slogan writing on van mahotsav

Annual Calender salwan Girls Senior Secondary School

A progressive step has been undertaken by the summary government through a swachh Bharat Mission, a massive mass movement that seeks to create a clean India. Cleanliness was very close to mahatma gandhis heart and a clean India is the best tribute that we as a nation can pay to bapuji. Mahatma gandhi devoted his life so that India attains Swarajya. Now the time has come to devote ourselves towards Swachchhata (cleanliness) of our motherland. Clean surroundings and Green Earth are causes that are extremely dear to the heart of the founder-Managing Director of our school, Dr Lilly george. Under the managements guidance, many pioneering initiatives towards a green and Clean school have been initialized and implemented. The awareness and commitment in the school to Green cause is of transcending genre it involves the management to faculty to students. On 1st October15, the senior members of the Student council, namely the head-boy, head-Girl, vice head-boy, vice head Girl, discipline secretary and Sentinels of Environment briefed the lady guards of the school about the importance and intent of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan.

The Student council Members were asked by Mr Ashish to propose new ideas and give their inputs for the next academic calendar that is being prepared. One activity per dynasty to be submitted by them. They were instructed to coordinate with. O.d fine Arts and seek his assistance and guidance in doing up the Score board and also to keep a check on the four dynasty boards and ensure that they are in proper condition. It was also felt by all that the Student council should meet more often and to put forth their view points and forward their feedback through proper channel/s. The Student council Members conveyed to the heads their concern that students dont listen to them as no action is being taken against the defaulters who are reported by them. The Student council Members were also told to see to that the cleanliness drive is carried out for five minutes daily in all the classes and proper dispersal is being carried out every afternoon, without fail. Shalom Hills International School joins the Swachh School; Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on 1st October15 Cleanliness is next to godliness. But it is commonly observed that we do not always practise what these eternal proverbs or values preach; things are often different when it comes to converting them into a ground reality.

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slogan writing on van mahotsav

Green Corner Shalom Hills International School

Shalom student council committee (2017-18) designation Name of the Student Class 1 head boy nikhil. Nair supervisor v d 2 head Girl Mugdha bezlora vf 3 Vice head boy sadharth gour iv c 4 Vice head Girl Toshani mehra iv a 5 Cultural Secretary(Boy) Sudhir Bhumik va 6 Cultural Secretary(Girl) Shivanshi jasrotia va 7 Sports Captain(Boy) Artharva shrivastava ve 8 Sports. Nair va 27 oak -vice captain Aahana zaheed Shaikh iv a 28 council Members saumya singh. Vasanth Ihalom students go on an Eco Friendly rally on 9th nov15 Pollution free diwali brings everywhere khush-hali is the slogan for Shalom Hills students. Shalom Hills International School took busboy an initiative to promote a safe and pollution free diwali and encourage others in their community to say no to Crackers this festival season. The students of Grades ix-xi undertook a rally carrying placards with messages advocating repudiation of crackers this l the dynasty students walked till dlf block e to spread this message.

During the rally, they raised slogans such as say no to crackers and say a big no to e students were accompanied by their dynasty wardens, sports teachers and class teachers. This year before you light a cracker, just remember that crackers will raise delhis air pollution levels up to 9 times above the permissible limit. Minutes of the meeting by with student council team on 9th October15 Chaired by: Mr Ashish Attended by:. Suman Bhanwala and Student council Members Agenda: Discussion of roles and responsibilities of the Student council Members Mr Ashish exhorted the Student council members to be more vigilant and always be on their toes for performing their duties and responsibilities sincerely and wholeheartedly. They were also told that being the Student council members they themselves have to set an example in front of other student by being punctual, in proper uniform, self disciplined and in taking an initiative in carrying out various activities. They were also told to submit their respective roles and duties in writing.

The ceremony ended on a joyful note with the congratulatory note and blessings of md maam. Student council Member 2017 head boy yash Vinod xiead Girl Alyona ranhotra xiice head boy ritish Grover Xice head Girl Aarushi hans Xultural Secretary (Girl) Esha pant ultural Secretary (Girl) Rishika arora ports Captain(Boy) Varn Basrotra xiports Captain(girl) Mansi kalra xientinels of Environment (Boy) Abhijit. (Mrs.) Lilly george, has made it a point to accord responsibilities to the students of i-v. Thus, the Investiture ceremony is conducted with an aim to inculcate leadership qualities in the students. The Student council of the Primary wing, for the session 2017-18, was sworn-in in an Investiture ceremony held on 28th April17.

The ceremony commenced with the lords Prayer. The newly appointed heads of the Student council were called on stage and given badges for their post. All the junior dynasty heads along with their council members and wardens came on the stage and were conferred with their badges and sashes. The badge distribution ceremony was followed by the oath taking ceremony. The council members promised to uphold the integrity and dignity of the school and pledged to take their school to a greater height. In their speeches, the head-boy and the head-girl expressed their gratitude to their school and also their desire to achieve new milestones in the coming years. They promised to execute their duties with utmost honesty and sincerity. With the good wishes and blessings of md maam, the ceremony sailed through smoothly and concluded with a march-past.

Achievement Report : (Session )

It was a solemn occasion where the young students were all prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school. This sessions event began with the blessings of the Almighty. The badges were pinned on to the newly elected members of the Student council by the Principal feasibility and the dean. The newly elected members were introduced to the students along with designated post. The newly inducted head Girl- Alyona ranhotra and head boy- yash Vinod proposed the vote of thanks. They thanked md maam, the entire Shalom Hills faculty as well as their Parents. This was followed by the dynasty captains and Dynasty prefects taking the oath of office.

slogan writing on van mahotsav

Anha malik ix d 9 Hospitality secretary saumya pathak xi mansi Chadha xi 10 Discipline handwriting secretary Vrishti badhan x khushi narang ix f 11 Discipline secretary members Bhavika poddar ushikesh Aoley asnoor kaur hruv yadav x d 12 Literary secretary raisa Chugh ievashi sahai xii. The teams were very enthusiastic about this event and went about displaying their creativity and penchant for decoration in an exemplary manner. Each team was given different regions of India to represent on their allotted boards. The regions assigned were as follows: Cedar - any east State culture Ebony - any west State culture maple - any north State culture oak - any south State culture This was indeed a great opportunity for all the students in each dynasty to showcase. They were overjoyed to show their artistic talent in decorating the boards to the best of their ability. The result was finalized on the basis of content relevance and presentation 1st Position oak 2nd Position cedar 3rd Position - ebony Investiture ceremony 2017: vi -xii if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, then you are. Under the aegis of our Respected founder-Managing Director,. (Mrs.) Lilly george, who is ever lovingly striving to instill buoyancy and leadership skills in the young Shalomites, on the fine morning of April 28, 2017, deserving students of the School were bestowed with the responsibility of leading their School from the front with their. The school held the Investiture ceremony, which marked a significant beginning of the new academic year, with great enthusiasm.

head Girl, aarushi hans, xii-a 3, vice head boy. Kenneth Lobo, xI 4, vice head Girls, lishika sahni. Xi, rishika arora, xI 5, cultural Secretary, saanvi sharma. X-e, karan Sawhney, xii-b 6, cultural Ambassador, parleen Ranhotra. Xi, aastik, xii b 7, sports Captain, ishan Lahiri, xii. Shubhangi madhukar, xI 8, sentinels of Environment, ankita yadav.

The oath of office was administered by the Principal. The junior and senior Student council took the oath along with their Dynasty In Charges accompanied by the dynasty wardens. The outgoing and incumbent head-boy and head-Girl thanked founder essay and Chairperson. (Mrs.) Lilly george and the faculty for the grooming they have received in the school. The Principal, in his inspirational speech to the new Office bearers, hailed founder and Chairperson. (Mrs.) Lilly george as an exemplary leader who truly walks the talk. He blessed all the students and office-bearers and called them the Stars of shis.

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Adresse: Chaussée de namur 130A, 5030 Gembloux, tel: 081/61.56.46 e-mail: heures douverture: du mardi au samedi: de 10h à 18h30, fermeture Exceptionnelle. Le jeudi 4 places de parking gratuit vous attendent juste devant le magasin! Voir notre page facebook. Shalom Hills International School hosts its Investiture ceremony on 11th April 2018. Shis is a fertile breeding ground of fine scholars and future leaders. Investiture ceremony 2018-19 commenced by invoking the points blessings of the lord through the lords prayer and a scintillating and spiritual dance rendition to ganesh Vandana. The Principal, the headmistress, coordinators conferred the badges to the newly elected Student council. The entire ceremony was marked with solemnity and tradition as the outgoing head boys and head Girl relinquished responsibility to the new council in grace and humbleness.

slogan writing on van mahotsav
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  5. Employees and even the unemployed local people. We believe that a childs future follows a different path and momentum. In order for them to succeed in the 21st century we provide them with an education that prepares them to be creative, compassionate and innovative. Shalom Hills International School hosts its Investiture ceremony on 11th April 2018.

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