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Nomadic architecture of Kurds in Erzurum. 1989 Turkey: resumed survey of village architecture and flatweaves in Zonguldak, samsun, cankırı, kırıkkale and Kırşehır provinces. 1990 Denmark: studied Central Asian collections at moesgaard and Copenhagen. russia: studied Central Asian collections in museums at St Petersburg. 1993-94 Germany: Qırız tents at Köln and Bochum. Studied Central Asian and Middle eastern collections in Budapest, karcsag, vienna, moesgaard, copenhagen, and Lübeck.

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Studied fittings for tents on palace buildings. Studied Islamic buildings of Malwa, gujarat, Agra and Delhi; also rajput buildings at Chitorgarh, Gwalior, jaisalmer, Udaipur, and Jodhpur. 1982 Turkey: library work for tavo at Istanbul and Ankara. Studied nomadic architecture and buildings in Western Anatolia. 1985 Turkey: nomadic architecture in Central Anatolia. 1986 Turkey: nomadic architecture in Western, central, and Eastern Anatolia: Yörük, türkmen and Kurds. 1987 pakistan: detailed survey of sazîn Kot, Indus Kuhistan, and general survey of village architecture in Pâlus, sêo, harban, Thor, tangîr, darel, Ghor, Astor, yasîn, pûnyal, and Hûnza. Visited Islamic buildings in Lahore and Peshawar. 1988 Mongolia: nomadic architecture and derivatives in Ulan Bator and neighbourhood. Extensive interviews with Mongolian scholars. 1988 Turkey: survey of traditional guest rooms, lantern roof dwellings, and also flatweaves in sivas, Erzurum, gümüşhane and muş provinces.

1969 south European museums: studied offer Turkish collections in Switzerland, austria and Germany. 1970 Turkey: nomadic architecture of Central Anatolia, and work in museums. 1970 Iran: general survey of nomadic architecture. Visited major Islamic monuments. 1972 Turkey: nomadic architecture of Central Toros. 1973 North European museums: studied Central Asian collections at Hamburg, lübeck, copenhagen and Stockholm. 1974 Iran: resumed general survey of nomadic architecture. 1976 Turkey: architectural tour with 50 students, Istanbul and Bursa. 1980-81 Northern India: studied surviving court tents, moghul and Rajput, on invitation of Calico museum, Ahmedabad, at Ahmedabad, jaipur, and Jodhpur, with reference to frescos at Udaipur and Burhanpur.

textile thesis display

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1962 Sweden: first ethnographical work among Sami (Lapps). 1966 Morocco: pilot study of nomadic architecture and tour of Islamic buildings. 1967-68 Turkey: study of Selçük and Ottoman buildings and tilework. Developed special interest in wooden houses. 1967 Turkey: nomadic architecture of Central Anatolia and Western Toros. 1968 Morocco: complete survey of nomadic architecture. 1969 Turkey: nomadic architecture of Eastern Anatolia: Kurds and Arabs.

Accepted for publication in the series Kölner Ethnologische mitteilungen, by Prof. Hansen, series editor, in 1981. Publication financed by ul Getty Trust. Published 1999 by fox Publications (Melisende london,. Felt tents and pavilions. Back to top, field work and Museum work, for technical reasons no diacritical marks and few special letters are used here 1954-66 Extensive architectural tours of Europe and the usa. 1960 India: architectural tour of traditional and modern buildings.

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textile thesis display

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1982-83 Universität zu köln: deutsch als Fremdsprache. Kursus i, ii-iii, iv-v to university entrance level. Back to top, languages, in order of fluency: Speak and read: French, turkish, german, persian. Read: Spanish, Italian, russian, business Swedish, latin, Ottoman. Familiar with: paper Türkmen, azäri. Have worked with: Chaghatay, qazaq, qirgiz, old Mongolian.

Studying: qazaq and Mongolian (Xalxa) back to top. Dissertation, the felt tent in Middle Asia. The nomadic Tradition and its Interpenetration with Princely tentage. Two volumes, 1059 pages text and 187 plates. Presented for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University of London, faculty of Arts, School of Oriental and African Studies, department of the near and Middle east: Art and Archaeology.

1958-61 Department of Architecture, regent Street Polytechnic:. 1960 Department of Tropical Architecture, architectural Association, london. 1960-61 Thesis on low cost housing in Ahmedabad, India:. 1964 Cambridge University:. 1965 royal Institute of British Architects: Professional Practice examination.

1966 royal Institute of British Architects: Charter. 1969-80 Postgraduate study at Department of the near and Middle east, School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, under Prof. Mary boyce, supervised. Studied Turkish, Ottoman, persian and Art History. 1971 Central Polytechnic, london. Reading course in Russian. Thesis examined. Of Anthropology, university of London, and. Of Fine arts, University of Edinburgh: described by the latter as "Nothing short of magisterial".26.6.1980.

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Born Lyme regis, dorset, England ; married to mügül (Ataç) Andrews since ; two sons born in 19Qualifications,. University writing of London, School of Oriental and African Studies, department of the near and Middle east, faculty of Arts. Architects Registration council of the United Kingdom. Cambridge University, school of Architecture. Regent Street Polytechnic, department of Architecture, london. Back to top, education 1950-55 Stowe School, buckingham: Medical side: Science: 1st. 1955-58 School of Architecture, cambridge University (St points John's College.

textile thesis display

lazaris,.; Arcidiacono,.; huang,.; Zhou,.; Duguay,.; Chretien,.; Welsh,.; soares,.; Karatzas,. "Spider Silk fibers Spun from Soluble recombinant Silk Produced in Mammalian Cells". biopolymer, volume 8 Polyamides and Complex Proteinaceous Materials ii, edited. Steinbuchel, 2003 Wiley-vch verlag, pages 97-117 isbn thesis Submitted to the faculty of Drexel essay University by milind Ramesh Gandhi, december 2006, chapter 7 spider goats' display angers Ottawa professor". "Bridges made of spider silk? You can thank goats for that". Retrieved Retrieved from " p?

In 2009, two transgenic goats were sold to the canada Agriculture museum after Nexia biotechnologies went bankrupt. 5 Research has since continued with the help of Randy lewis, a professor formerly at the University of wyoming and now at Utah State University. He was also able to successfully breed spider goats in order to create artificial silk. There are now about 30 spider goats at a university-run farm. 6 Applications of artificial spider silk biopolymers include using it for the coating of all kinds of implants and medical products as well as for artificial ligaments and tendons due to its elastic tendencies and also since it is a natural product which will synthesize. Furthermore, artificial silk biopolymers can be applicated in personal care products as well as in textile products. "materials science: Mammalian Cells Spin a spidery new Yarn".

Nephila clavipes ) dragline proteins in their milk. 2 3, when the female goats lactate, the milk, containing the recombinant dna silk, was to be harvested and subjected to chromatographic techniques to purify the recombinant silk proteins. The purified silk proteins could be dried, slogan dissolved using solvents (dope formation) and transformed into microfibers using wet-spinning fiber production methods. The spun fibers were reported to have tenacities in the range of 2 - 3 grams/denier and elongation range of 25-45. The "Biosteel biopolymer" had been transformed into nanofibers and nanomeshes using the electrospinning technique. 4, nexia is the only company which has successfully produced fibres from spider silk expressed in goat's milk. The lewis lab has produced fibers from recombinant spider silk protein and synthetic spider silk proteins and genetic chimeras produced in both recombinant,.

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From wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, jump to navigation, jump to search. For you the sports-drink company, see, bioSteel Sports Supplements Inc. For the similarly named fibre produced by amsilk Gmbh, see. Biosteel was a trademark name for a high-strength fiber-based material made of the recombinant spider silk -like protein extracted from the milk of transgenic goats, made by nexia biotechnologies, and later by the randy lewis lab of the. University of wyoming and, utah State University. 1, it is reportedly 7-10 times as strong as steel if compared for the same weight, and can stretch up to 20 times its unaltered size without losing its strength properties. It also has very high resistance to extreme temperatures, not losing any of its properties within 20 to 330 degrees Celsius (4 to 626 degrees Fahrenheit). The company had created lines of goats to produce recombinant versions of either the maspI (Major ampullate spidroin I) or dragline i (for its superior elasticity, flexibility and strength) from. Nephila clavipes, the golden orb weaver) or maspII (Major ampullate spidroin 2 or dragline 2 from.

textile thesis display
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