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Our Professional Resume Writers have 30 years of experience. Our Professional Resume Writers have a 94 success rate. Our Professional Resume Writers have helped more than 11,000 job seekers get interviews. What your Attorney resume package will feature. A custom Attorney resume, a custom cover Letter, a custom Thank you letter. E-mail Blasting of your resume to over 6,000 employers. Posting of your resume to 80 top job sites. Internet word formatting, how it works.

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Attorney resume service guaranteed to short get you interviews. Resume Writing for Lawyers by certified Attorney resume Writers. Writing an attorney resume is more complicated than traditional resume writing. Not only do you need to show that you have the right experience but also that you can work very hard, have great communication skills, can handle a lot of responsibilities and react well in complex situations. Does your resume convey all this clearly? Because there is so much competition for attorney jobs, your resume does not only need to be flawless but also to make you stand out: your education, experience and skills must be presented holiday in a way that makes you unique and sets you apart from. Why our professional writers should prepare your resume. Our professional attorney resume writers have an extensive experience writing resumes for lawyers and know the latest hiring trends. They will use your experience, skills and education to create a resume that will get you a foot in the door. Our Professional Resume Writers are specialized in attorney resumes. Our Professional Resume Writers are certified through parw, cprw or narw.

 maintained an 80 success rate for cases won. April 2011 ã✠Present Brock and Brock Attorneys at Law new Cityland, ca attorney â partnered with brother, Andrew Brock, to create moderately successful firm specializing in criminal with defense, divorce, and child custody cases.  maintained a caseload of about 20 active clients at all times.  hired and trained paralegals.  successfully paid off business debt within the first two years. Education 2006 bayland University, new Cityland, ca juris Doctor 2003 bayland University, new Cityland, ca bachelor of Science, political Science. Share this, total: 0 Average: 0/5.

attorney resume writers

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Professional Summary, experienced Attorney with seven years experience in criminal representation and effective in developing case strategies for those accused of misdemeanors as well as felonies. Excels in adapting to changes within the legal profession and changing caseloads, detail-oriented, and highly motivated to succeed. Takes a unique approach to clients in terms of preparing for trials. Highlights â offer preparation of legal documents â above-average negotiation skills â proven leadership capabilities â outstanding public speaker â personable and professional at all times â firm understanding of court procedures. Work Experience, july 2006 to April 2011 Lucian, taylor and Swift ã✠New Cityland, ca criminal Defense Attorney â represented accused criminals from all walks of life accused of many different types of crimes.  prepared individuals for trial by discussing attire, behavior, and giving testimony.  thoroughly researched cases and searched for evidence to exonerate clients.  assisted in increasing the firms client base by 5 over the course of almost 5 years.

What should you do to make sure your attorney resume makes it past an ats? Many employers use technology to help them sort through the multitude of resumes they receive. An Applicant Tracking System uses keywords to match the documents with what the company is looking for. They rank them accordingly, and employers only consider the highest-ranked applicants. There are a number of things you can do to increase your chances of making it through the ats. It may seem obvious, but make sure you have no misspelled words. Implement exact phrases and words from the job description, and use a resume optimization tool. As a good attorney resume sample demonstrates, only include relevant information and keep the document simple and to the point. Related Links, show Resume text, attorney resume, amanda Brock 100 Broadway lane new Parkland, ca 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234.

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attorney resume writers

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List the most recent degree first, and go backwards from there. Include the name of the degree and the name and location of the school. If you graduated with high honors, definitely list it as this helps you stand out over other jobseekers. Also include coursework that business may be especially relevant to the position. Typically the education section is at the end of the document. However, if your degree is from an esteemed law school, it may be advantageous to list your education towards the beginning of the resume. An attorney resume sample is a good place to see how you should format this important section.

What is an example of a great attorney resume? A great attorney resume illuminates the most relevant skills and demonstrates to the employer why they should consider the applicant for the job. Start with a strong professional statement that points out a number of hard and soft skills and states your overall experience. Use action verbs essay to describe your accomplishments in the experience section, and include all important education information. Use bullet points and short statements so it is easy to read quickly. Consult an attorney resume sample to help construct an effective document.

This provides a sleek aesthetic that allows the information to stand out. Use a modern-style font and only use bold and italics sparingly. To make your job effortless, use a resume builder to guide you along step-by-step. It is also helpful to consult an attorney resume sample to help inspire your writing. Whats the best way to list certifications on your attorney resume?

Seasoned attorneys who have a number of certifications and licenses can list these under a separate section titled Certifications. For new graduates or those with only a couple of designations, include them under the education section. Lay out the listings in reverse chronological order, as an effective attorney resume sample shows. Include the title of the certificate, the location of the school, the year of completion, and the name of the licensing agency. How do you list education for an attorney resume? The education section is an important one in the legal industry, as many employers hire based off the type of education and the reputation of the school.

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Personal injury, bankruptcy, immigration, criminal defensewhatever your focus, let hiring spondylolisthesis managers know that you understand the work of the firm. Include practice area expertise in the summary and Highlights section so it can be seen at a glance. If you are ready to get your resume finished and out there, take advantage of our attorney resume templates to guide your writing. Your Attorney resume is in tip-top shape. Now, create the perfect cover letter to complement and enhance your resume by using our. Attorney cover letter sample. Attorney resume questions. Whats the best resume template to use for an attorney resume? An attorney is a serious, specialized occupation, so the best template to use for your resume is simple, clean, and professional.

attorney resume writers

Many firms include writing skills as an important qualification for the job. Therefore, you must have a well-written resume that is free of errors. Take a moment to review your resume, and ask for friends or colleagues to review. You do not want to ruin your chances essay due to a misspelled word, typo, or misplaced comma. Landing the attorney position you want most takes focus and effort, but it can be done. An excellent resume will give you the edge you need to stand out from the competition. Remember, your resume is often your one chance to market yourself to hiring managers. Make it count by including information about your skills, experience and professional accomplishments. When seeking a job at a new firm, you want to show them that you have a firm grasp of the practice areas relevant to the position.

can also include the number of tasks you completed each week, such as that you drafted 20 unique client agreements each week. This gives the hiring manager an idea of how well and efficiently you work. Dont be afraid of a little self-promotion. Show your reliability by drawing attention to your career progression and successful handling of increasing responsibilities. Therefore, do not be afraid to boast about your accomplishments. Let prospective employers know about your impressive number of wins on your cases or how your legal research led to an important discovery for a case. Make sure your resume is free of errors. Writing and drafting remain a key component of many positions within the legal industry.

Most hiring report managers at law firms spend just a few seconds on each resume, so they appreciate short and sweet resumes. For the most part, you want to stick to just one page, although those who have 10 to 15 years experience might add a second page. What is the best way to keep your resume short? Do not feel like you have to include every little detail or a complete list of your previous work history. Focus on the jobs most relevant to the legal position to which you are applying. Go beyond your daily duties and tasks. When you write the bullet points for the work experience section of your resume, do not just list the tasks you performed. Most hiring managers recognize the normal duties and daily tasks of a particular position.

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Top skills to include in a law Resume. Exceptional negotiation skills, proficient in court filing and recording systems. Strong understanding of the tax code. Experienced in litigation and arbitration, practiced in real estate law, expert legal researcher. Adept at Microsoft Office and google suite. Multitasker with superior time management skills. Strong oral and written communication, resume Writing Tips for Law Professionals. Stick to one page, do not fall into the trap of putting too much on your resume as a way summary to compete against the other applicants.

attorney resume writers
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